First Look at Russell J. Holmes in HGTV’s ‘Renovation Impossible’

Renovation Impossible

HGTV Russell J. Holmes stars in HGTV's "Renovation Impossible."

Russell J. Holmes is helping clients who are in over their heads, according to a first look at HGTV’s “Renovation Impossible” obtained by Heavy.

“My entire life has been about helping people, from being an EMT to a mechanic to a general contractor,” he explained in the clip. “Now, I’m setting out to help homeowners who have steak and lobster taste on a fast food budget. And to help me, I have my creative partner Paige [Poupart], the queen of upcycling.”

The Dallas-based contractor continued, “It’s not always easy with tight budgets and clients who don’t always see eye-to-eye. That’s where I step in. I use tough love, creative solutions and a lot of elbow grease to help clients turn their house into a home that they will love for years to come.”

The eight-episode series follows Holmes as he “salvage[s] projects hampered by homeowner’s unrealistic expectations and opposing design visions,” HGTV announced in a press release. He is best known for Discovery’s “Garage Rehab” and “Fast N’ Loud.”

Holmes Has More Than 20 Years of Experience in Construction

Holmes is bringing more than 20 years of experience in construction to HGTV, the network announced. He “knows how to move quickly to keep costs low, where to spend strategically to get maximum results.”

As he referenced, he is partnering with Poupart, who describes herself in her Instagram bio as “the home connoisseur. architectural enthusiast. HGTV co-host. designer. broker. contractor. artist. musician. mother of girls. horse mom.”

Together, they will “find savvy ways to thrift and repurpose items, delivering gorgeous results every time,” according to the press release.

“It’s an incredible feeling to give people the home they really wanted,” Holmes said in the announcement. “We open their eyes to what they can really do with their money. Now they can move forward and make new memories with their families.”

Holmes Makes Over Jessica & Joseph’s ‘Hodge-Podge’ Home in the Series Premiere

As the sneak peek teases, Holmes helps out Jessica and Joseph in the series premiere.

“I’ve known Joe and Jessica for quite a while and they’re really good people and they told me they had bought a new house which I’m super excited about but it’s been almost a year and they still haven’t moved in,” he said in the clip.

Their “hodge-podge, mid-century house needs a major makeover to make it liveable for the family of four,” according to the episode description. “Unsure of how to proceed and plagued by conflicting design opinions, Jessica and Joseph will turn to Russell and his team to take over the seemingly impossible project.”

“It has potential, we need some help though,” Jessica adds in the clip.

Holmes will present the couple with a design plan and budget. “The cost savings gained with the couples’ sweat equity and a willingness to keep a few of the home’s original features, as well as clever repurposing and upcycling of items they already own, allows more money for a stunning modern kitchen, a fresh family room and more,” the episode description continues.

“Renovation Impossible” premieres on Thursday, September 8, 2022, at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times.

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