Tarek El Moussa Shares Candid Message for His Fans

YouTube Tarek El Moussa shares message with fans.

Tarek El Moussa has made his living in real estate, but he could also be a motivational speaker based on a recent interview.

The HGTV Flip or Flop star and his fiancé Heather Rae Young, star of the Netflix show Selling Sunset, sat down with PopCulture’s Stephanie Downs to discuss future wedding plans. When Downs asked El Moussa what message he has for fans, he gave a very candid and deep response:

Oh, my message to my fans is the same. Doesn’t matter how tough life gets; you never give up. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been through cancer twice; I’ve had terrible back problems; I’ve been through a very public divorce. It was times where I didn’t want to get out of bed for years at a time, and today I’m happy and thriving. I’m in love, and my note to everyone out there is to never give up, never stop chasing your dreams.  

El Moussa and Young also shared details on their upcoming nuptials.

Tarek El Moussa & Heather Rae Young Talk Wedding Details

Although the couple has been busy with their reality TV shows, they told PopCulture that wedding planning is moving ahead.

The future Mr. and Mrs. have yet to disclose the big day’s date but did say that their original date was moved by a weekend due to the pandemic and family conflicts. They plan to have an engagement party in April, Young said, and her dress should be ready in July.

In January, People reported that in an episode of HGTV House Party, El Moussa said during a quiz game that September would be the best month to get married. Young’s answer to the same question, according to People, was, “Depends on location, whenever the heat isn’t too bad.”

The couple told PopCulture they are hopeful that as everything starts to open up and people get the COVID-19 vaccine, they can have more of a typical wedding. 

El Moussa and Young said they have selected to forgo a traditional wedding, but OK! reported in January that a friend of the stars said they’ll marry at home in Newport Beach, California, “late this summer, complete with a lavish reception, gourmet menu and plans to sail away on their very own love boat!”

The couple said they may not film the wedding for public consumption, though they’ve had offers from two networks, according to El Moussa. “As of right now we’re leaning towards not filming it. I mean I feel like all I do is film. I film two TV shows, I’ve been filming for 10 years, and I think it would be nice just to get married,” he told PopCulture.

They’re planning on a professional photographer and videographer, Young added, “so no matter what, we’ll be putting content out there for sure.”

What Roles Will the Children Play in the Ceremony?

The pair have elected not to have a bridal party, Young told PopCulture, but will make sure El Moussa’s two children, Brayden, 5, and Taylor, 10, are involved.

“I already feel like their stepmom and I just love them so much,” Young said.

El Moussa shared that the children can have any role in the ceremony they like.

“Whatever they want! They’re in charge,” he told PopCulture.

“We want Taylor and Brayden to stand up there with us,” she told Hello! in January. “Taylor will be the head bridesmaid, we are not having a bridal party, and she will be up there with me. Brayden will be the ring bearer, hopefully he doesn’t lose it down the aisle!”

Brayden, who is almost 6, is very excited. Having gone to his first wedding recently, he is starting to understand what the day means, Young said.

Young also explained that Taylor has already picked a few parts out for herself.

“Taylor has a few roles,” Young said. “She’ll say, ‘I’m a bridesmaid, and I’m also the flower girl.”

Taylor has been part of the wedding journey from the very beginning. El Moussa explained that he talked to her before proposing to Young:

Oh my gosh, I was so nervous because I told Taylor that I was going to ask Heather to marry me before I did it. And she’s 9 years old, and I was like, ‘Just don’t rat daddy out, make sure you keep this a secret. Baby, you got to be real quiet.’ And she did so good.

Young also added that the 10-year-old was able to keep the secret. “Oh, she’s good, I remember that morning, and her and Tarek were upstairs, and she came down; I was making breakfast, and she did not even blink an eye. She didn’t act like anything.”

With so much going on in the reality TV star’s life — a fiancée, planning a wedding and kids — El Moussa still has time to share heartfelt, encouraging words with fans.

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