HGTV Host Claps Back at ‘Haters’ in New Video

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Entertainer Todrick Hall can hardly believe that he’s ending 2022 on such a high note. After a tumultuous year full of fending off rumors and backlash, he wants his “haters” to know that he’s feeling excited about the positive things happening in his life, including his new role as an HGTV personality. His new six-episode series, “Battle of the Bling,” premieres on December 9, and he says it’s proof the naysayers can’t hold him back.

Todrick Hall Says He’s ‘So Optimistic’ About His Future in New Video

In advance of his show’s premiere, the singer, choreographer and reality star took to Instagram hoping to inspire his fans by sharing the ways he’s proved his “haters” wrong this year.

Posting a selfie video from his Los Angeles home’s pool on December 7, Hall said, “I have something to say. And this is not me being cocky, not me being boastful. This is a testimony…I’m feeling so optimistic about going into 2023 and I just want to share this with anybody who might be feeling the way I felt at the beginning of this year.”

“Because it has been a roller coaster,” he continued, “and I did not think that this is the way I was going to feel as we round and go into the holidays.”

Hall then listed the public scandals and scrutiny he faced in 2022, clapping back at those who’ve doubted him.

“People tried to say that my tour was gonna get canceled and no one’s gonna come and it’s gonna be a flop,” he said of his 2022 Femuline concert tour. “I was almost sold out in over 61 shows internationally.”

“They tried to say I lied about buying my house and that I was, you know, going to get evicted,” he said.

In 2021, Hall filmed a since-deleted house tour video for his 3.5 million YouTube subscribers, claiming that he’d bought his “dream house.” But in March 2022, he was sued by the actual owners, who said he was renting the house and three months behind on his $30,000 monthly payments. By June, he’d purchased the house for $6.1 million, but in August, a judge ordered him to pay $102,000 in rent backpay and fines to the former owners.

In his new video, while panning the camera to show the modern mansion behind him, he said, “I’m still here, lights are on, bills are paid.”

He then briefly addressed the drama that ensued when he appeared on “Celebrity Big Brother” during the month of February, coming in second place but receiving intense backlash from fans and his fellow contestants for the way he played the game.

“They also just basically said in general, for 28 days, I was going to be canceled,” he said.

“And as we come into the new year, I am just so, like, blessed and flattered to say that I have six new shows that I filmed coming out, and the year hasn’t even started,” he continued. He then offered advice to fans feeling uncertain about their futures.

“Keep your head up. Stay focused,” he said, and then zoomed in the camera on his face. “And haters if you’re watching this, which I know you are, you work hard, but I work harder.”

Todrick Hall Writes Additional Message About His Future & Show

Todrick Hall, Kim Myles

HGTVTodrick Hall and Kim Myles pose in the French Luxury Mansion on HGTV’s “Battle of the Bling”

In addition to his video, Hall posted a written message to his fans in his Instagram Stories on December 7 to further express his gratitude over getting through a difficult year.

“This year there were moments when I didn’t think I’d have work again,” he wrote. “But the opposite happened. I have been booked every single day and I’m so blessed to be working on so many amazing projects.”

He continued, “Thank you to my unwavering supporters. Your boy is the host of an HGTV show, and more projects that I can’t announce yet, more reality tv, more music, more theatre, more endorsements.”

Hall finished his message by writing, “People are actively trying to pull me down AS WE SPEAK, but I am soaring. I got a praying mama and devoted fans, got the mud off my wings and in 2023 I’m SOARING.”

In a new promo that Hall shared on Instagram, his and Myles’ five-episode series is being promoted by HGTV as a perfect complement to the network’s hit show, “My Lottery Dream House” with David Bromstad, making Friday nights full of “bling and ca-ching.”

In each episode, the pair tours houses that have been nominated by their owners as being among the “blingiest” in the nation. He and design expert Myles tour 15 eye-popping properties that HGTV called “ostentatious, unapologetically ‘extra'” homes in a release about the show. The network will air the first two episodes back-to-back on December 9, starting at 10 pm Eastern.

According to ScreenRant, Hall, who recently came in second place on season 6 of “The Masked Singer,” will also appear on FOX’s “Celebrity Name That Tune,” playing against former professional basketball player Sheryl Swoopes. That series kicks off on January 11, 2023.

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