‘What the Heck Is Going On?’ Rumors Fly as HGTV Hosts Keep Popping Up Together

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There’s something fishy going on at HGTV. Recently, fans have noticed their favorite stars showing up in the same cities together, dropping hints about mystery projects and unexpected partnerships.

During the last week of August 2022, at least three unexpected combos of hosts from different shows were spotted together, and fans are eager to figure out what’s going on.

Here are the host meet-ups spotted on social media so far…

“Fixer To Fabulous” Meets “Farmhouse Fixer”

The first sign something might be in the works came on August 24, 2022, when “Fixer To Fabulous” co-host Jenny Marrs used Instagram to celebrate the season 2 premiere of friend Jonathan Knight’s show, “Farmhouse Fixer.” In her post, she mentioned that Knight was late for his own premiere party that day “because he was helping Dave on a project! Can’t wait to share more about that!”

Jenny’s husband and co-host Dave was in Fort Morgan, Colorado during that week, tending to renovation projects that are part of “Home Town Takeover,” which he and Jenny are doing along with Ben and Erin Napier. It’s not clear if Knight was with Dave in Fort Morgan, but he wound up unable to be part of a small premiere event for his own show.

He posted a photo on his Instagram Stories of him and Dave together and wrote, “The reason I missed my premiere tonight… when @dave.marrs and @jennymarrs Ask for your help you drop everything and jump in!”

One fan wrote of the unexpected pairing, “Now I’m really curious!”

Another said, “It seems like you guys on HGTV genuinely like and root for each other. Love the positivity.”

‘Good Bones’ Meets ‘Bargain Block’

The day after Dave Marrs and Jonathan Knight had their mysterious meet-up, the hosts of two more shows shared their unexpected get-together. “Bargain Block” co-hosts Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas flew from their home base in Detroit to Indianapolis for a secret meet-up with “Good Bones” host Mina Starsiak-Hawk and designer Michael Coyle.

In an Instagram photo of the foursome posted by Bynum on August 25, 2022, he wrote, “We had a wonderful time hanging with these two!! Can’t wait til y’all see what we’ve been up to!!” He also added the hashtag #hgtvfamily to the post.

Starsiak Hawk didn’t mention the get-together on her social media, nor did Thomas or Coyle. But fans had lots to say about the super squad.

One fan commented, “Two of my favorite shows unite?! I’m so excited!!”

Another wrote, “I love both your shows, so of course, I ‘can’t wait’ to find out what joint venture you did together.”

“OMG I’m anxiously waiting,” another wrote. “I know its going to be amazing.”

‘100 Day Dream Home’ Meets a Legend

Two days later, on August 27, Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt of “100 Day Dream Home” both posted an Instagram video with a surprise cameo from longtime HGTV personality Ty Pennington, who’s been a fan-favorite on home improvement shows since he first appeared on TLC’s incredibly popular “Trading Spaces” in 2000.

The couple, who lives in Tampa, Florida, traveled to Savannah, Georgia. Outside a building, they filmed themselves pretending to be surprised to see Pennington taking out the garbage. The threesome joked around but didn’t give any details about why they were in the same spot.

On Brian’s Instagram post, Joe Mazza, host of HGTV’s “Home Inspector Joe,” wrote, “What the heck is going on here brotha” followed by multiple laughing emojis.

Brian replied, “You don’t even want to know” and added his own laughing emoji.

One fan asked if they were filming, and Brian cryptically answered, “Perhaps.”

Another commented, “Oh man tell me it’s a new Rock the Block” and Brian answered, “Maybeeee.”

HGTV hasn’t announced details regarding any of the mysterious meet-ups, so only time — or social media — will tell what tricks these hosts have tucked up their sleeves or if any other hosts will be joining in.

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