HGTV Crowns the Winner of ‘Ugliest House in America’ Season 3

Retta hosts Ugliest House in America

HGTV Retta hosts HGTV’s “Ugliest House in America.”

HGTV has crowned the season 3 winner of “Ugliest House in America.”

In a week-long event, comedian Retta toured 15 of the wackiest, tackiest and least practical homes throughout the country. After selecting a finalist in each region, one house earned the title and a $150,000 renovation from “Windy City Rehab” host Alison Victoria.


The homes in contention were The House on Gollum’s Hill in Madison, Wisconsin; The Patchwork Opossum Pad in Louisa, Kentucky; House of the Gilded Angel in Manassas, Virginia; The Rocky Woody Moose Lodge in Walden, Colorado and The Crystal Death Trap in Raleigh, North Carolina.

So, which home won?

The House of the Gilded Angel Won a $150,000 Makeover

Retta returned to Manassas, Virginia to announce that the House of the Gilded Angel won the “Ugliest House in America.”

Audiences were first introduced to the 4,642-square-foot home when it was named the winner in the Northeast region.

The home quickly rose the ranks due to its ornate tiled ceilings, wallpaper and surplus of angel decor. HGTV counted 42 angels in the home, despite the family admitting they already removed more than 100.

“You have so many ridiculous angels, fixtures, patterns and ceiling textures that the sheer number of ugly items took you to the top of the list,” Retta previously told the homeowner, Alex.

Working from home, Alex bought the house to live with his parents, Valerie and Malcolm, and younger sister Sharee.

Alex’s room is in the basement, with one of the home’s more jaw-dropping features – a 150-gallon fish tank that weighed 1,251 pounds.

Alison Victoria Trashed the Angels

With $150,000, Victoria quickly got to work transforming the family’s home and removing almost every trace of an angel. Despite initially intending to paint the whole home, the “Rock the Block” alum kept the brick but refreshed the trim, shutters and garage doors with navy paint. A stained-glass letter “M” replaced what was once a stained-glass angel.

To keep a little of the home’s former glory, Victoria repurposed the kitchen’s old angel tile backsplash into trivets. Now better able to accommodate their large extended family, the kitchen features two-toned cabinetry in gray and navy.

Throughout the home, recess lighting and more modern fixtures have replaced the ornate tile ceilings and chandeliers.

“It came together spectacular. I mean, I couldn’t even imagine it came out as well as it did,” Alex said after the reveal. “It’s one of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen.”

In a space with Alex in mind, the fish tank was replaced with a lounge and game room that included a geometric navy accent wall.

The main bathroom, now with a sleek wet room, was a highlight of the bedroom and bathroom redesigns.

“You don’t know how good that felt, just to know that all of the angels and the wallpaper and the ceiling, all of that stuff would be gone,” Valerie added in the episode. “That was a blessing.”

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