Where Does Mike Tyson Live in 2021?

Mike Tyson

Getty Mike Tyson is photographed at the premiere of"Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth" in 2013.

Since 2016, legendary boxer Mike Tyson has taken residence at a $2.5 million house, located in Henderson, Nevada. According to Sportskeeda, Tyson’s wife, Lakiha Spicer, 43, and their two children Milan, 13, and Morocco, 10, also inhabit the two-story home, which is part of the planned community known as Seven Hills.

The mansion is quite spacious for a family of four, as it has six bedrooms. Other notable features include six-and-a-half bathrooms, a high-ceiling living area, and a large kitchen. The focal point of the outdoor area is the pool, surrounded by gorgeous green foliage. The backyard also has a barbeque area and fountain.

In 2017, the hip hop group Migos visited Tyson’s mansion for a GQ video. During the tour, it was revealed that there is a spacious area inside his home where he keeps his numerous pigeons. As fans of the athlete are aware, Tyson has had a fondness for the birds since he was a child. The 54-year-old also keeps his memorabilia on display in his home. 

One of Tyson’s Mansions Is Now a Church

Tyson is no stranger to luxurious homes. Business Insider reported that he purchased an Ohio mansion in “the 1980s.” In 1999, he put the property up for sale due to the fact that he was in financial ruin following his 1992 rape conviction and 1999 “assault charges.” In 2014, members of Living Word Sanctuary decided to restore the property, which was given to them as a charitable donation. During a 2019 interview with WKYC Studios, the congregation’s leader, Pastor Nick DeJacimo, stated that it was remodeled in four years to be a new church. 

“People were so willing to work. And all labor has been done by 93—94 percent of the people from the church. What you see here is what everybody has come together and done on their own,” said DeJacimo.

According to The Sun, Tyson was the owner of an extravagant Connecticut mansion until he sold it in the early 2000s. The publication also noted that during the mid-1990s, he purchased a seven-bedroom Maryland mansion. While speaking to Mansion Global in 2020, the boxer’s ex-wife Dr. Monica Turner, who divorced him in 2003, revealed that she became the owner of that home following their separation. During the interview, the medical doctor mentioned that Tyson had a tiger named Kenya during his time in Maryland. She revealed that the animal managed to make its way to “a neighbor’s property.”

“The neighbor yelled over, ‘I think you may have lost your dog,’” stated Turner. 

Tyson’s Las Vegas Mansion Was Featured in “The Hangover”

A few years after moving out of the Maryland property, Tyson settled into his first Seven Hills mansion, which he stayed in for eight years before purchasing his current place of residence. The Sun reported that the five-bedroom home was featured in the 2009 comedy “The Hangover,” directed by Todd Phillips. According to Showbiz CheatSheet, some viewers were upset that Tyson appeared in the film because of his rape conviction. Phillips responded to the controversy while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in 2010. 

“We didn’t cast him because he was a convicted rapist. We didn’t cast him as a sensationalistic thing, either,” asserted Phillips. “We cast him because the story took place in Las Vegas. I had heard Mike Tyson had seven tigers when he was living in Las Vegas. It’s a true story, and it just sort of made sense. He played Mike Tyson in the movie.”

To learn more about Tyson, check out the second part of the documentary “Mike Tyson: The Knockout,” airing on ABC on June 1. 

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