Is 20/20 on TV Tonight? Is There a New Episode? [10/8/21]

2020 on tonight new episode

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The season premiere of ABC 20/20 is finally here. Season 44 begins tonight with a deep dive into the Chippendales murders, involving the death of former Chippendales choreographer Nick de Noia and the attempt on dancer Read Scot and others, orchestrated by the Chippendales founder, Steve Banerjee.

The two-hour premiere begins at 9:01 p.m. Eastern time, according to an ABC 20/20 press release.

Chippendales Associate Producer Candace Mayeron told Elle Magazine that tension had been building between de Noia and Banerjee, which reached its height after de Noia retained the touring rights to Chippendales and several former dancers left the troupe to launch Adonis, a competing all-male exotic dance crew. It took years for investigators to gather enough evidence to charge Banerjee.

Here’s what you need to know:

Banerjee Was First Charged With Murder Attempts on Read Scot, a Former Dancer, & Competing Manager Steve White

The Los Angeles Times reported in 1994 that Banerjee was first charged with the attempted murder plot, and his charges were later expanded to include the murder of de Noia, which happened years earlier.

Lynn Bressler, who went by the code name, “Strawberry,” told the FBI he had been hired as a hitman to kill Adonis’ manager, Steve White, and Read Scot, according to the Independent. However, Bressler told the FBI that the main target was White, according to the Independent.

Scot is among those who will be interviewed on 20/20 tonight, according to an ABC 20/20 press release. Read more about his life today here. You can also read more about the murder of de Noia here and about Banerjee and the case against him here.

Mayeron, a Close Friend of de Noia, Shared About Their Friendship, His Murder & Her Time With Chippendales

Chippendales Associate Producer Candace Mayeron spoke to Elle Magazine about her time with Chippendales and about the murder that rocked the dance troupe and company.

“My job wasn’t as easy as people might think,” she said in the article. “But the most difficult moment was having to tell my guys that Nick, whom many of the Chippendales men looked upon as a father figure, had been murdered.”

Mayeron said in the article that she and de Noia had become “very close,” and they had dinner together a few nights before he was killed.

“A couple days later, I was on the phone with Nick when he suddenly said, ‘I can’t talk, I got to go.’ That was our last phone call ever. I believe we were actually talking when his murderer walked in,” she said. She told Elle a show was ongoing when she learned he was killed about an hour later.

The ABC 20/20 press release says:

The season 44 premiere of “20/20” dives deep into the dark history of greed, paranoia and murder behind the rise of male exotic dance troupe Chippendales, which became an international cultural phenomenon in the 80s and 90s. By creating Chippendales, Steve Banerjee found the success and fortune he always craved — but his ambition was insatiable. “20/20” documents the harrowing stories of how Banerjee conspired to eliminate those who he believed got in his way, including the shocking murder-for-hire plots against close business associates and a competing male dance troupe, and an alleged blackmail operation against an aggrieved patron of the club who sued the organization for racial discrimination. “20/20” also reports on how, over the course of 15 years, Banerjee’s obsession with wealth and control ultimately led to his own demise. The two-hour program features never-before-seen footage as well as interviews with Scott Garriola, a retired FBI special agent, who played a major role in catching and arresting Banerjee; Read Scot, a former Chippendales dancer who opens up about being the target in a thwarted murder-for-hire plot; and Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, historian and host of “Welcome To Your Fantasy,” a popular podcast on Chippendales. The special also includes interviews with former Chippendales dancers, producers and employees; Banerjee’s business associates; and family and friends of those impacted. “20/20” airs on Friday, Oct. 8 (9:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC.

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