Isaac Martinez’s Story on ‘My 600 Lb Life’

My 600 Lb Life

TLC/YouTube My 600 Lb Life Season 8 premieres tonight, January 1 at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

Isaac Martinez is 23-years-old and hails from Hutchins, Texas.

At the top of his episode of My 600 Lb Life, Martinez shares that Isaac’s sister, Angeliza, is the one who helps him get ready in the morning.

“I live with my mom and dad, my sister… and my brother. They help me out when I need it, and I’m embarrassed by that.”

Martinez explains that his mother has cancer, and he initially came home to help take care of her. Since then, however, the tables have turned, and now his family is the one taking care of him.

What else do we know about Isaac? Will he make the trek to Dr. Now in Houston in the hopes of gaining access to the tools to help him lose weight?

Read on.

He Cooks for His Family

Each morning, after Isaac wakes up, he cooks for his family– he explains that cooking is his job at home. The issue, however, is that he cannot stand for too long because of his weight, so cooking has become an increasingly difficult task for him to perform. He gets his ingredients, then goes to the living room to make everything a table his family has placed there.

“I do feel like I have a special connection with food,” he says. “But I also like eating.”

While he loves food, Isaac says he needs to get his weight under control.

As a chid, Isaac was severely underweight. He was not able to eat normal foods between the ages of one and three, and his mother explains that they were, interestingly enough, nervous about how small he was. After his health began to improve and his allergies subsided, he began to eat the foods that were off-limits for so long. “That’s when I started to gain and put on more weight.”

Isaac explains he was about 100 pounds when he turned six six. After that, however, his weight gain got worse. “Between ages of seven to ten… my grandmother passed away. That hit me pretty hard. Then we lost the house and had to move into my aunt’s. Then my mother had a stroke…”

After his mother suffered from a stroke, Isaac became responsible for household chores, including preparing the food and helping his siblings with schoolwork.

He Was Homecoming Prince

During his episode, Isaac explains that his weight was not a hindrance at school– he made friends and was very social. He was even voted Homecoming Prince.

“When I got to around 450 pounds when I was 16, I had to stop doing band because I just couldn’t physically do it.” Isaac says this was a wake-up call of sorts.

“On the weekend, I just stayed home and ate.”

By the time graduation rolled around, he was over 500 pounds.

When college began, however, Isaac learned his mother had Uterine cancer. He moved home to help take care of his mother and family.

“My weight climbed over 600 pounds quickly.”

Isaac says that while his parents were the reason he came home in the first place, he does not blame them in any way, shape, or form. Isaac acknowledges that he is responsible for the direction his body has taken and is determined to get his weight under control.

“Every day I don’t change, I get worse. And closer to something really bad happening.”

Not long before going on the show, Issac went to the Emergency Room and the experience ended in him falling into a coma.

“It’s kind of crazy to say but I can deal with the coma,” Isaac explains. “But losing my mobility. That’s basically being a vegetable. And that scares the crap out of me. Because I think if I let it get to that point, it’d be over for me.”

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