Jennifer Lopez Enjoys Night Out Without Ben Affleck, Fueling Divorce Talk

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Getty Jennifer Lopez in Italy in 2021.

Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez enjoyed a night out in Italy without husband Ben Affleck as divorce talk escalated, according to photos and video obtained by TMZ.

The fact that Lopez jetted off to Italy and left her husband behind in California, and appears in videos and photos to be having a great time without him, has generated headlines about a possible divorce around the world.

TMZ reported that Lopez was “dolled up” as she enjoyed a June 22 evening dinner out at a “swanky” Italian restaurant with two friends on the Amalfi Coast. It appeared they were celebrating a birthday, TMZ reported, adding that the trio was protected by security guards.

Jennifer Lopez Was ‘in Great Spirits’ as She Dined With Her Friends at the Restaurant in Positano, Italy, Reports Say

Jennifer Lopez was accompanied to the Ristorante Da Vincenzo in Positano “for an upscale Italian feast” by two friends, a man and a woman, according to TMZ. It’s not clear who they were, but one thing was certain: Ben Affleck wasn’t among them.

According to TMZ, Lopez was “in great spirits, smiling, laughing and chatting” with her friends.

In previous years, Affleck and Lopez were frequently spotted dining out together. Here’s a reminder of the way they were:

One writer for Vogue compared Lopez’s Italy trip to “Under the Tuscan Sun,” a book and later a movie staring Diane Lane about a divorced woman who finds herself in Italy.

According to People Magazine, Lopez also appeared happy when she bought a dress at an Italian store. The store then named the dress after her, People reported.

“She came in, you could tell she was really enjoying herself,” an employee told People. “When she heard music by Geolier being played, she started dancing. We all looked at her, she is so beautiful. It was so cute, her dancing.” Geolier is an Italian rapper, People reported.

Jennifer Lopez Has Been Captured on Video & in Photos Multiple Times Enjoying the Italian Landscape

Since arriving in Positano, Italy, Lopez has been photographed several times. In one instance, she was seen walking through the beach area of a hotel with her friends.

In another series of photographs and in a video that went worldwide, Lopez was captured taking swimsuit selfies on a speed boat.

Meanwhile, Affleck was seen riding a motorcycle with his son, Samuel, in Los Angeles, California, according to video obtained by Page Six, not long after he was spotted visiting ex-wife Jennifer Garner’s house for Father’s Day, US Weekly reported.

A source told Fox News in May that the pair are separated. “At first, it was a whirlwind of love and now that real life is setting in, it’s hard,” the source told Fox News. “They are both involved in each other’s kids’ lives and consider themselves one big family unit, so it’s been hard for everyone.”

According to Fox, one point of conflict was their differing approaches to parenting. Lopez has two children with ex-husband Marc Anthony, and Affleck shares three kids with ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

“They’ve had fights about differences of opinions on raising their kids,” the source said to Fox News about Affleck and Lopez. “They have very different parenting styles.”