Angelina Pivarnick & Husband Chris Larangeira Get Second Chance


MTV "Jersey Shore" star Angelina Pivarnick finally got what she wanted from her roommates.

Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick finally got what she wanted from her roommates: A second chance at having her wedding.

Fans largely know that Angelina’s wedding to husband Chris Larangiera was ruined by a mean-spirited bridesmaid speech given by roommates Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Deena Cortese. The room erupted in boos and Angelina wanted to kick the girls out of her venue. A new feud had erupted between the girls after they had worked so hard to repair things, and it included Snooki “retiring” from the series.

Since her first wedding did not go well, Angelina got to have a redo of her wedding during Season 4 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. The series took a break during the holiday season, but when the show returns viewers will get a chance to see one of the best days of Angelina’s had with her roommates–excluding Snooki, who didn’t attend the second time around.

Out of caution during the coronavirus pandemic, MTV rented an entire resort in Nevada to film Season 4. “Let me tell you something, I almost peed my pants 10 times that night,” Angelina told Too Fab about her wedding redo. “Honestly, that was one of the most fun days that night that I had with the roomies in so long.”

Angelina Didn’t Mind The New Set-Up

Even though they couldn’t party like they used to, Angelina said she still had a blast with her roommates.

“We’re not drinking, going out to clubs like we always do, we didn’t even need that, that’s how crazy this whole season is,” the Staten Island native explained to Too Fab. “I look back on it, and I’m like, this is the craziest season we’ve ever filmed and we were in a bubble. How’s that even possible? It’s crazy.”

“It was a fun, crazy, dramatic time in a bubble,” she continued. “The crazy dysfunctional family. Our dynamic is crazy.”

Deena even cried when she found out that Angelina would be joining Season 4, leaving the Staten Island native confused. “I know [Cortese is] pregnant — I totally get that,” she told Too Fab in a separate interview. “But before she was pregnant, she didn’t want to sit down with me. This was a thing for a year. I knew this was gonna happen. I know how they work now. It’s kinda like, alright Deena, shouldn’t I be the one crying?”

What Did The Girls Say in Their Speech?

Before they even started talking, Deena leaned over to Angelina to warn her that their toast was “good but funny.” As they started to speak, Angelina was one of the first to laugh at all the jokes, but when she saw the way her husband and guests reacted she too became upset.

“They say third times the charm — I mean, you got engaged three times, but then the third one stuck,” Deena said, referring to Angelina’s previous engagements. “You tried living with us three times, and then you finally stayed. Not only is Chris the lucky ones, but so are we.”

Then they started with the insults, saying things like “Angelina, you’re the lice to my hair,” and “You’re the fly to our s***.”

They continued with the disses, saying “You are the trash to our bags,” and “You’re the throw-up to our hangover” and “you’re the dump to our island,” referring to Staten Island. Not surprisingly, the joke didn’t land well in a room full of Staten Islanders.

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