Gus Smyrnios Explains Scar on His Face on ‘Floribama Shore’ Premiere

Gus Smyrnios Floribama Shore


Gus Smyrnios had a large scar on his face on the Season 4 premiere of Floribama Shore.

The 25-year-old model and star of the Panama City Beach-set MTV reality show appeared on the new season with a large red gash that went from under his eye to across his cheek. The noticeable mark was not addressed on the show, which sparked questions from confused fans–  especially since he’s shown up on camera with “battle scars” before.

Gus, who competed on MTV’s reality competition The Challenge in the past, once addressed a busted lip that he had after fans questioned it.

“I had to get stitches in my lip from the challenge… lol,” he wrote on Twitter.

‘Floribama Shore’ Fans Reacted to the Scar That Was Seen On Gus Smyrnios’ Face During the Season 4 Premiere


As the Floribama Shore premiere aired, fans took to social to question how Gus got the latest mark on his face. Some even felt it was like an elephant in the room that was being ignored.

“They haven’t seen each other but no one’s [asked] Gus about the scratch on his face. #FloribamaShore Gus scar,” one viewer tweeted.

“When did Gus on Floribama Shore get this huge gnarly a– scar across his face?!!” another wrote.

And another viewer also wanted to know why the scratch wasn’t mentioned, writing, “So they really not going to address that face scar of his?”

Gus Smyrnios Revealed What Happened to His Face in a New Post on His Instagram Story

Gus got wind of the speculation about his face and posted a message to fans on his Instagram story. He posted a caption next to a screenshot of a story about how the scar on his face was “weirdly” never addressed on the Floribama Shore premiere, and revealed that it should have been mentioned because it was discussed as MTV’s cameras rolled. Gus also noted that he has addressed the issue in the past on his Instagram story.

In the new post shared with his half a million followers, Gus revealed that he got the scratch on his face after getting into a bar fight.

“I’ve addressed it a couple of times on here,” he told fans. “I just can’t answer every question about it. Also talked about it on the show but guess it got edited out.”

Gus went on to give the details of an altercation he was involved in his hometown of Tallahassee, Florida.

“Got jumped in my hometown a month prior to filming by 4 guys at a bar,” he explained. “Scratched my face, hand, and back up. No I didn’t start it. They called me fa**ot and then told me I wasn’t welcome with hair and earring like mine. So of course, we fought, not gonna take that s**t even if there was 4 of them. Lol.”

Because Gus also works as a model, it’s clear he must have been very upset to risk his face in a fight. In 2018 he told CJC Photography that his favorite physical feature is his smile, then added. “Does my hair count?”

Floribama Shore airs Thursdays on MTV.

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