Who Is Gus Smyrnios’ Girlfriend Samantha Carucci?

Gus Smyrnios New Girlfriend

YouTube Gus Smyrnios on "Floribama Shore" season 4A.

“Floribama Shore” star Gus Smyrnios has a new girlfriend named Samantha Carucci, who he calls Sammi.

Ahead of season 4B, also being called season 5 by fans, of “Floribama Shore,” Smyrnios released photos of his girlfriend on his Instagram account, along with a lengthy caption. In the caption, Smyrnios wrote, “This is my girlfriend Sami. We’ve been together going on 9 months now. Had just started going steady when I filmed the new Szn of @floribamashore coming out tomorrow. I’ve been super hesitant to put my love life out there for the world because my last 2 relationships were put on broadcast and my heart broke for people to watch them fall apart and watch me crumble.”

Smyrnios continued, writing, “Break ups are hard, even harder when a show is made out of it and u spiral like usually everyone does after break ups. Also in my position, not knowing if girls love you for you or because you’re on a show, or using u for their benefit had scarred me. I’ve let go of all that anger from the past and started looking for a pure kind soul to spend my days with. I found it. Also I’ve wanted to keep the happiness we’ve created between us, without strangers trying to ruin it.”

The “Floribama Shore” star concluded his caption with, “I thank you Sami for being so sweet and understanding. You’re a true blessing to me, I love you and thanks for accepting my craziness.”

On previous seasons of “Floribama Shore,” Smyrnios featured ex-girlfriends Lisa Burns and Athena Megaloudis. He also was romantically involved with co-star Nilsa Prowant. Prowant and her fiance Gus Gazda welcomed their first baby together in May 2021.

Let’s get to know more about Smyrnios’ girlfriend below.

Samantha Carucci Works as an Esthetician

Samantha Carucci’s Instagram profile is private, but it reveals she lives in Tampa, Florida. Her account also features several links to her work as an esthetician. She has a second Instagram account that focuses on her skin care services. Her services include skincare treatments, lashes, scar removals, stretch mark removals, mole removals, wrinkle removals, waxing, facials, light therapy, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels.

Carucci has her own company called Posie Day Spa in Tampa and her website features reviews from customers. A customer named Paige W. left a review on September 1, 2021, writing, “Sami was amazing! She was super easy to talk to so the appointment wasn’t filled with awkward silence. Plus, my lashes look great!”

Carucci attended the Summit Salon Academy in Tampa, Florida for her training as an esthetician and she completed her program on January 29, 2021. In celebration of her graduation from the program, Carucci posted a photo on Instagram with a caption that stated, “700 hours later! I have officially graduated from the esthetician program at Summit Salon Academy Tampa! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me though all of this … even through a pandemic! I am so thankful to all the friendships I have made through these past 6 months & to all the educators! To new beginnings and will be posting soon where I will be at next!”

Carucci Has Publicly Declared Her Love for Smyrnios

In the comments of Smyrnios’ post about his girlfriend on Instagram, Carucci left some heartfelt words of her own. Carucci wrote, “You’ve been so amazing these past few months I’ve never been happier! I love you forever.”

In addition to announcing his relationship with Carucci, Smyrnios also took to Instagram to post several other updates on his life. In his Instagram story, Smyrnios said he’s been staying away from social media, living in the woods with his dog Roxy and has had three shoulder surgeries in the past few months. Smyrnios currently resides in Florida and did not explain the reason for his surgeries.

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