How Mike Sorrentino Really Feels About ‘Jersey Shore’

Mike & Lauren

Getty Mike Sorrentino and Lauren Sorrentino pose together in 2018.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino became a household name when “Jersey Shore” premiered on MTV in 2009. The reality television personality discussed the show on an October 2021 episode of his podcast, “Here’s the Sitch With Mike & Laurens,” co-hosted by his wife Lauren Sorrentino.

Mike Sorrentino Spoke About ‘Jersey Shore’ On His Podcast

During the podcast episode, uploaded on October 19, 2021, Mike shared that he believed the “Jersey Shore” spin-off series “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” was “one of the best shows on MTV, in MTV history.” He went on to say that “‘Jersey Shore’ is one of the best shows in reality TV history.” Lauren agreed with her husband’s opinion. 

“It’s true. It’s the truth,” asserted the mother-of-one. 

Mike then shared why he believed “Jersey Shore” and “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” have been so successful.

“All those guys, my whole cast including everyone in that show, they know exactly what to do when they are in front of a camera and they’ve been doing it for over a decade. So kudos to my castmates. They are awesome, they necessarily have their own shows without that in that group which is ‘Jersey Shore’ and once you get together that dynamic is unbelievable,” said the 39-year-old. 

Mike also noted that “Jersey Shore” was a surprise hit.  

“Back in the day, they thought that our show was going to be a one and done, you know, wham, bam, thank you ma’am, and get a new cast but we were that good in front of the camera and the dynamic was that special that now we’re going on it’s 10 plus seasons,” said the father-of-one. 

Mike Sorrentino Discussed The ‘Jersey Shore’ Casting Call in January 2021

During a January 2021 interview on the “Knockin’ Doorz Down” podcast, Mike Sorrentino discussed his journey to becoming a reality television star. He explained that he “was trying to be a fitness model” in New York. 

“I was being signed to a fitness agency where pretty much for the rest of my life I would be doing JC Penny ads probably,” explained Mike. “Listen I don’t know but something like that and then during that time period of going on go sees I bumped into a casting director saying, ‘We’re going to have a casting call down at the shore for a new reality show for Viacom’ and that’s how I got into the casting call. I bumped into VH1 which were the people who were running that particular casting call and they were trying to do a reality television show about Italians.”  

He clarified that he “didn’t necessarily want to be a reality star” when he auditioned for the show. 

“I wanted to be into modeling or fitness or acting but I just happened to fall into reality TV because of this casting call,” said Mike. “VH1 said during my casting call, you’re the guy we’re looking for, you know, you’re fit, you’re shredded you have a great personality and the casting or — the pilot was just me going out and at a club what I do during the week. Eventually VH1 kept that pilot and they pushed it for about a year eventually it got picked up a year later.”

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