Jenn Harley ‘Spills Tea’ on Ronnie Magro’s New Girlfriend

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

Getty Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

Jenn Harley, the ex-girlfriend of Jersey Shore star Ronnie Magro, threatened to spill tea via Instagram on January 26. Jenn was upset over getting trolled on social media and accused Ronnie’s new girlfriend, eyelash technician Saffire Matos, of being “obsessed” with her, “jealous” and having a profile on Jenn also claimed Saffire told her new boyfriend that he wouldn’t be able to see Ariana Sky, the 2-year-old daughter that Jenn and Ronnie share.

It all kicked off on Jenn’s Instagram stories when told her followers: “Just really feel like like I’m gonna spill some [real] tea real quick.”

Jenn, 32, then took a screenshot of a reply she wrote on Instagram. She assumed the person she was replying to was a phony account created by 29-year-old Saffire. She didn’t address the Staten Island native by name, but she used the bear emoji, which is a symbol Ronnie, 35, and Saffire have been known to use on social media.

Jenn’s comment said:

How many fake profiles are you going to make this week? YOU’RE obsessed all over my page nonstop in our DMs nonstop it’s ridiculous!!! What the F is there to be jealous about?? You live in your mommy’s basement at 30.
Don’t even own a car you can’t even buy yourself lunch without asking your man, you f***ing leach. Why are you obsessed IDGAF about u or him and the weakest [child support] check in history lol Fall back go book some more a** shots all your surgeries we have all that on text too. Don’t project your hooker s*** on me I have your profile from one of your other ex’s let’s f***ing go!

Jenn Claimed Saffire Has Been Messaging Her Boyfriend

Jen Harley

Instagram/Jenn HarleyJenn Harley claimed “Jersey Shore” star Ronnie Magro’s new girlfriend was “obsessed” with her.

In the second part of her exposé, Jenn showed direct messages to Joe–as he’s mononymously known–that seemed to be from Saffire. At least, the interaction included Saffire’s profile picture.

“You shouldn’t be around Ariana,” the person wrote to Joe. “You will never see Ariana again.”

The Las Vegas real estate agent was not pleased with the messages. “Who the F does she think she is telling my man he won’t see my daughter???” Jenn wrote. “Three months in you have lost your f***ing mind bitch. These are the messages she sent to [Joe] four days ago.”

Ronnie and Saffire became Instagram official in October.

Jenn Claimed Saffire Was a ‘Good Nanny’ to Ariana

In another update, Jenn again accused Saffire of being “obsessed” and said Ronnie’s new girlfriend was a “good nanny” to her daughter, Ariana.

“This girl is non stop all in my man’s DM all on our page for a month now the obsession is real,” Jenn wrote in a text, which she shared to her Instagram stories.

“She’s a good nanny I’ll have to agree with that she can cut up sandwiches into little squares and slice watermelons but nothing close to a mother,” Jenn wrote. “She can try and dress like us and call her by the nickname I gave her but she’ll never be me.”

Ronnie and Saffire didn’t immediately post responses to Jenn online.

They recently battled rumors they had split, though they seem to have reconciled if there was a brief breakup or fight.

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