Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley Shares Adorable Video of Son Playing Soccer

Jenni Farley

Getty Jenni 'JWoww' Farley of Jersey shore.

Jenni “JWoww” Farley and her ex-husband, Roger Mathews, are parents to a 7-year-old daughter named Meilani Alexandra Mathews and a 5-year-old son named Greyson Valor Mathews. The “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” star often shares videos and photos of her children with her Instagram followers. 

JWoww Shared a Clip of Her Son Kicking a Soccer Ball on a Field

On September 22, Farley uploaded a brief clip of her son practicing his soccer skills on a field with other children. Onlookers can be seen sitting on folded chairs in the background. In the video, the 5-year-old kicked the ball and ran after it. 

“My boy is a [soccer ball] star… don’t worry he purposely missed the [goal net emoji] [wearing face emoji] [three crying-laughing emoji] @greysonmathews,” wrote Farley in the post’s caption. 

Many commenters responded to the post. 

“He’s adorable and fabulous that he plays soccer [soccer ball emoji],” wrote one fan. 

“He’s so precious dude [100 emoji] Reminds me of my son lol In his own world & having a blast [crying-laughing emoji],” shared a different commenter. 

“He’s busy working on his passing skills! Team player [flexed bicep emoji],” added another social media user. 

Farley’s son was diagnosed with autism when he was a toddler. The “Jersey Shore” star spoke about how he has been progressing in a May 2021 video, uploaded on her YouTube channel

“Greyson is crushing the game right now, he is killing it in his ABA [applied behavior analysis] therapy, he’s able to learn so much, he’s so advanced verbally, he makes perfect eye-contact now. We’re really just working on his repetitive traits and his OCD traits but besides that Greyson is at par with his peers and he’s truly just a star that shines,” said the mother-of-two. 

During a June 2021 Entertainment Tonight interview, alongside her “Jersey Shore” co-star Deena Cortese, Farley gave parents who believed that their children may be exhibiting symptoms of autism spectrum disorder some tips. She asserted that parents should not “ignore any of the signs” and speak to their child’s doctor. 

“There’s no harm in getting, you know, speech [therapy] or any type of OT [occupational therapy] even before diagnosis, you know, it really can help the younger they are, the more of a chance that they have of, you know, gaining the momentum so they can be with their peers and that’s my goal for Greyson is that he’ll be able to walk in kindergarten or first grade with his peers and you would never know the difference,” said the 35-year-old. 

JWoww Discussed Mom-Shaming in 2017

While speaking to Pop Culture in 2017, Farley discussed how she has handled being shamed on social media about her parenting style. She explained that once she realized that individuals like Kate Middleton also get mom-shamed, she felt better about the situation. 

“I was like if they are ripping on her and like what she does with her kids and how she acts, do I really care if they’re ripping on me? And like what type of person does it take to write those negative comments,” said Farley. 

She clarified that she has occasionally confronted negative commenters. 

“If I’m having a bad morning and I haven’t had my coffee and someone says something about like I’d take your daughter in the bathroom and whoop her butt for acting like that, like you’ve seen it on my Instagram, you know it’s on. Like I will screenshot your comment and make you hate your life by the time I’m done with it so,” said Farley. 

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