Lauren Sorrentino on How She Supported Mike During His Early Recovery

Mike & Lauren

Getty Mike Sorrentino and Lauren Sorrentino pose together in 2018.

As fans are aware, “Jersey Shore” star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has been transparent about his issues with addiction. The reality television star will be celebrating his sixth year of sobriety in December of this year. During a recent episode of his and his wife Lauren’s podcast “Here’s The Sitch with Mike & Laurens,” the Sorrentinos discussed Mike’s early recovery. 

Lauren Sorrentino Discussed Her Husband’s Recovery

During the podcast episode, uploaded on September 7, a fan called in and asked Lauren “what in the beginning did [she] find [herself] was the best to help support Mike in his journey?” The mother-of-one shared that her devoutness to the Catholic faith helped her find the strength to be supportive of her partner. She explained that she “really rel[ied] on that to guide [her] to make the right decisions” through difficult moments. She then asserted that she “didn’t do the work for Mike” when he was first making the steps to be sober. 

“I always told him like what I wanted of our relationship and the hopes and dreams I had for him and for us, but he really had to make that decision on his own. Like I didn’t make it for him and I didn’t do the work for him and so I had to really rely on my faith to help get me through that part of my life,” explained Lauren. “And just family, faith, like the basic building blocks of a foundation of any kind of life, you know what I mean, that’s just what I relied on. My fitness, I just tried to stay focused and in my own lane and always left the door like for him to continue to better himself.”

Mike then noted that while Lauren was being a supportive partner, he “had already made that decision to walk that walk.” He explained that having a support system is important, but those who are in recovery  have “to put in the work.” 

“It doesn’t happen by itself. You know, actions speak louder than words and they have to, you know, really put the work in. At the end of the day, it’s not really even work, I will say it wasn’t easy to be on the path less taken but it was definitely well worth it,” shared the 39-year-old. 

The Sorrentinos Discussed Mike’s Recovery in August 2021

The Sorrentinos discussed Mike’s sobriety during an August episode of their podcast. A different listener called in and complimented the reality star’s decision to be sober. Mike then shared that he “started [his] recovery journey in season 6 of the original ‘Jersey Shore.’” He revealed, however, that he “wasn’t necessarily doing it correctly.”

“It took me a couple of years, I think three more years before I really got it but that’s when I first started my journey. So also the moral of that story is people don’t get it on the first try and to not give up,” shared the “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” star. 

Lauren noted that those in recovery often struggle to remain sober. 

“A lot of the time is the first time around is people will get clean and then the first bump in the road in their personal life or their professional life or something that they think they can’t get through without it, they stumble and they think it’s just going to be a little bit but they’re an addict and then it’s a full blown relapse. And you’re like how did I get here and it’s like well that wasn’t the right decision to make in that moment and now you have to start over,” explained the 36-year-old.  

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