How Lauren Sorrentino Feels About Her Husband’s Time on ‘Jersey Shore’

Mike and Lauren Sorrentino

Getty Mike and Lauren Sorrentino attend the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

“Jersey Shore” star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino wed his wife Lauren Sorrentino in 2018. The couple became parents to their son Romeo in May 2021. While Lauren has appeared in the spin-off series, “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation,” she was not featured on the original show.

On a recent episode of the Sorrentinos’ podcast “Here’s the Sitch with Mike and Laurens,” posted on October 19, 2021, the mother-of-one revealed how she felt about her husband’s antics on the hit MTV series, which aired from 2009 to 2012.

Lauren & Mike Sorrentino Discussed ‘Jersey Shore’ During an October Episode of Their Podcast

During the October 19 podcast episode, the Sorrentinos took time to answer a few fan questions. One caller asked Lauren “was it challenging to watch the original ‘Jersey Shore’ episodes and watch how reckless Mike was during that time?” The former real estate broker revealed she did not have an issue with her husband’s partying ways on the original series, as they were not dating when the show was in production.

Mike then noted that he and Lauren had been “college sweethearts” when they attended Brookdale Community College, located in Lincroft, New Jersey. He explained that they had an amicable breakup before the show’s first season started filming. The 39-year-old also revealed that Lauren was “in another relationship” when “Jersey Shore” was in production.

Lauren shared that she and Mike “were not talking regularly” while he was shooting the MTV reality show.

“It was really different worlds that we were living in. And then timing is like everything in life because everything came around like it was supposed to be,” explained the mother-of-one. “I never had a bad ill will or a feeling of seeing it because I don’t know, for some reason it was like separate from me. Like we weren’t together, so it was like okay what was going on, you know, people have a hard time understanding that. Because I knew who you were too, and I knew when you were playing it up like a character.”

Lauren also revealed that she “was actually happy and proud of [Mike]” for being cast on the MTV series.

“Prior to the show, I had known so much about Mike and you know, he was not really — he hadn’t found his way yet, like professionally or all these different things. So when he had made it on a huge show, was killing it in whatever way, being successful, I was happy for him. I was like he found his path,” explained the “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” star.

Mike & Lauren Sorrentino Spoke About Their Relationship in a 2019 YouTube Video

In a 2019 video, uploaded on their joint YouTube channel, Mike and Lauren Sorrentino discussed their relationship. Mike shared some information regarding their break-up. He explained that Lauren had transferred to LIM College in Manhattan while he focused on his “modeling career.” He disclosed that he had not found success as a fitness model but was soon “discovered for ‘Jersey Shore.'”

“I was able to fall upon ‘Jersey Shore’ and Lauren told me at the time she said, ‘Listen if this is going to be another Real World, I want no part of it’ and I said, ‘Well, honey I gotta take this chance in my life and if it goes well, you know, maybe it’ll work out between us.’ So I took the chance to film the show Jersey Shore, which was unknown at the time and ended up turning to be the biggest show ever on MTV and an international success,” said Mike. 

Lauren went on to say that she and her husband “got back together once ‘Jersey Shore’ ended.”

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