Mike Sorrentino Reveals if His Dog Has Any Issues With Baby Romeo

Mike & Lauren

Getty Mike Sorrentino and Lauren Sorrentino pose together in 2018.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is known for starring on “Jersey Shore” and its subsequent spin-off series “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.” The reality television star and his wife Lauren also have a son, named Romeo, who is nearly 3-months old, and a Golden Retriever, Moses. As dogs can sometimes have difficulty adjusting to a new family member, some fans may be curious whether Moses has been handling Romeo’s arrival well.

Mike & Lauren Sorrentino Discussed Their Dog’s Behavior

In a recent episode of the “Here’s the Sitch with Mike & Laurens” podcast, the Sorrentinos discussed their dog’s behavior around their son. During the episode, a fan called in, asking, “how is Mosey doing as a big brother.” Lauren revealed that the dog has been “doing an amazing job being a big brother.” She explained that since bringing Romeo home from the hospital, their canine companion has been “very protective.” Mike then shared the Golden Retriever “never leaves Romeo.”

“I think in the beginning, the first week or two, he didn’t want anyone to hold the baby but Lauren. Even me. He would be very interested in sort of jumping a little bit, which I joked around and said the baby was Lauren’s and Mosey’s,” said Mike.

The MTV star noted that after exhibiting this behavior for a “week or two,” the dog has become more relaxed when people interact with Romeo.

“He seamlessly transitioned to really being just a really awesome big brother and just sort of just shadowing wherever Romeo is that is exactly where Mosey is. Even ever single feeding, I mean pretty much Mosey makes every single feeding. Even in the middle of the night,” said Mike.

Lauren then shared that the dog “sleeps under [Romeo’s] bassinet the entire night.”

“He won’t leave his side ever,” said the former realtor.

The Sorrentinos Share Photos of Their Baby & Dog on Social Media

While recording a March “Here’s the Sitch with Mike & Laurens” podcast episode, the couple briefly mentioned including their dog in family activities. Mike shared that he would enjoy working out and practicing martial arts alongside his son once he gets older. The 39-year-old explained that he “want[s] to teach [his] son those values and the importance of self-care, self-love, and taking care of your body.”

Lauren then stated “Mosey may feel left out” during this father-son time.

“He might want to come supervise and just watch,” said the mother-of-one.

Mike asserted that he will “bring the Moser to park days, where [they] go as a family to the park.”

The couple has also been sharing photos of Moses and Romeo on social media. For instance, on June 23, Lauren uploaded an Instagram photo of her son lying on a newborn lounge. In the picture, Moses rested his head on the cushion.

“[M]y babies [white heart emoji] [baby emoji] [paw print emoji],” read the caption.

Many fans were quick to comment on the post.

“How sweet! They will be best friends!” wrote one commenter, along with a blue heart emoji.

“This is the cutest thing ever!!! Give mosey extra treats!” added another Instagram user.

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