Mike Sorrentino Reveals How Fatherhood Will Affect His Sobriety

Mike and Lauren Sorrentino

Getty Mike and Lauren Sorrentino attend the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s wife Lauren is currently 35 weeks pregnant with their son. As fans of the Jersey Shore star are aware, the expectant father has maintained his sobriety for over five years. During a recent joint interview on Daily Pop, the 38-year-old commented on whether he was concerned that the stressors of parenthood could cause him to relapse. 

He explained that he did not believe this would be an issue because he “already hold[s] [himself] to a very high standard at five years clean sober in the public eye on ‘Jersey Shore.’”

“Being a father is just going to take it to the next level and I’m very excited to show my son a good example as well as everyone else watching,” explained Sorrentino.

His wife shared similar sentiments and noted that he has such a “strong foundation now.” She also stated that she believes he will naturally be a “better” parent than her as he “has more patience.” Mike then reiterated that he places high expectations on himself and asserted that he is “ready” to be a parent.

During the interview, the reality television star also mentioned that he and his wife are recovery advocates at the Banyan Treatment Center, which offers substance abuse treatment programs at various locations.

The Couple Discussed Mike’s Sobriety on a Recent Episode of Their Podcast

While Mike abstains from alcohol, Lauren does not. The couple touched on that aspect of their relationship in their podcast, “Here’s The Sitch With Mike & Laurens,” which was uploaded on April 20. In the episode, Mike offered to bring “a little bottle of champagne” to the hospital after their baby was born for his wife to enjoy. She stated that she was not interested in champagne, but revealed that she will be happy “when it’s the first hot summers day and someone offers [her] a cold, cold margarita with a salt rim.” Mike then clarified that he does not have an issue with his wife occasionally consuming alcohol.

“It’s important to say on this podcast that I am sober but my wife, you
know, has a drink once in a while and it really doesn’t affect me what-so-ever. I stay in my lane. I run my own race because I know that if I have that one drink or that one glass it will not be my last and you may not ever see me again and I am that crazy,” explained the father-to-be.

Mike Discussed How His Faith & His Wife Have Helped Him Stay Sober

Later in the podcast, the MTV star briefly discussed that his Christain faith has “played a big role in [his] recovery,” especially during his eight-month prison sentence. He also explained that Lauren “played such a monster role in the early stages of [his] recovery.”

“I wasn’t really ready to hang up my party shoes and my wife here she understood the type of person I was and the type of personality I had. The all or nothing and she held me to that law kind of and showed me what that true happiness was,” said the reality star.

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