PHOTOS: Mike Sorrentino’s Son Wears Halloween-Inspired Outfit

Mike and Lauren Sorrentino

Getty Mike and Lauren Sorrentino attend the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

With October coming to an end, “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his wife Lauren Sorrentino seem to be getting into the Halloween spirit. On October 21, 2021, Lauren uploaded an Instagram post that showed their 5-month-old son, Romeo, wearing a festive infant bodysuit.

Lauren’s post consisted of three photos. The first image showed Romeo sitting on a small white chair with his name embroidered on it. The baby sported an orange-and-black onesie adorned with a jack-o-lantern face. In the following photo, the 5-month-old looked toward the camera with a small smile on his face. The final snap showed Romeo chewing on his fingers.

“My little pumpkin [jack-o’-lantern emoji] [fallen leaf emoji][orange heart emoji][classic teddy bear emoji] @itsbabysituation,” wrote Lauren in the post’s caption.

The Sorrentinos’ “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” co-star Nikki Hall responded to the post by leaving a string of heart-eye emojis in the comments section.

Some fans also took the time to compliment Romeo.

“Literally the cutest baby omg [red heart emoji] [heart-eyes emoji],” shared a commenter.

“You have the cutest baby ever! I really enjoy the pics you share. He has such a [sic] old soul look! [three red heart emoji] @lauren_sorrentino,” wrote another.

“He is just so adorable [heart-eyes emoji],” added a third-social media user.

“Omg. Ain’t he the cutest thing you ever seen!” commented a different fan.

Lauren Sorrentino Shared a Picture of Her Husband & Son in October 2021

On October 19, Lauren shared a photo of her family with her Instagram followers. The picture showed Mike, his wife, and their son wearing matching white ensembles. The couple looked toward the camera while Romeo focused his gaze on his mother’s face.

“Heaven on Earth [sun behind the clouds emoji] [pleading eyes emoji],” read the post’s caption.

Many social media users flocked to the comments section with quite a few noting that they appreciated the way Romeo was staring at Lauren.

“Beautiful love the way he’s looking at his mom [four heart-eye emojis],” wrote one commenter.

“So adorable how he looks at his momma [blue heart emoji] [smiling face surrounded by hearts emojis],” added another fan.

The Sorrentinos Discussed Manifestation on Their Podcast

During an October 2021 episode of the Sorrentinos’ podcast, “Here’s the Sitch with Mike & Laurens,” the couple discussed manifestation.

“Manifestation I really believe in this that if you think positive, not going to say that you’re going to go win the lotto guys, but I think positive things will happen. I don’t think we truly understand the power that we actually have,” explained Mike.

Lauren shared that she agreed with her husband’s sentiments. Mike went on to say that he believed media consumption “all affects your energy and your aura.”

“It’s all like a big circle so what you’re sending out, it’s literally being reflected and turned right back to you,” said Lauren.

Mike then shared that he has limited the type of media that he consumes.

“I don’t even watch the news anymore, I’ll be honest with you, I lost faith in them a long time ago, I might watch them to get a good laugh, I’ll be honest. Now I really stick to what makes me happy. I’m watching like superhero shows all the time,” said the MTV star.

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