The Situation Reveals Surprising Thing He’ll Teach His Son

Mike Sorrentino and Lauren Sorrentino

Getty Mike"The Situation" Sorrentino (L) and Lauren Pesce attend the premiere party for the third season of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars hosted by WE tv at HYDE Sunset: Kitchen + Cocktails on May 28, 2015 in West Hollywood, California

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino plans to teach his son a very important lesson early in his life—and it has nothing to do with the gym, tanning, or laundry.

The 38-year-old Jersey Shore star, who is expecting his first child with wife Lauren Sorrentino in May, recently revealed that his kid will be a pro at accounting from a young age.

In a recent episode of his Here’s the Sitch podcast, Sorrentino said he wants to teach his son how to handle his finances, specifically tax filing.

“When I was younger, no one really taught you how to file taxes,” the MTV reality star said. “It’s kind of ironic but I would definitely teach my son about taxes and filing. …I don’t want [him] to be in the bucket of ‘they might come for you.’”

The Situation added that “how money works” needs to be a top priority for Baby Sitch so he never has to go through what his famous dad did a few years ago. He also noted that he wants his son to be proficient on computers so it will be easier for him to keep his accounting records organized.

The Situation Served 8 Months in Jail for Tax Fraud in 2019 After Failing to Pay Taxes on Millions of Dollars in Income

Sorrentino’s decision to teach his son about taxes may not be a surprise to his longtime fans. In 2018, the Jersey Shore star was sentenced to eight months in federal prison for cheating on taxes related to nearly $9 million in income he earned years earlier, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Prosecutors said the tax scheme was cooked up by Sorrentino’s brother, Marc, and his accountant Gregg Mark and had the Jersey Shore star splitting up deposits into multiple banks in amounts lower than $10,000 so the money wouldn’t get flagged for federal reporting requirements.

In court, Sorrentino apologized for his behavior and attributed his bad decisions to years of drug and alcohol abuse. He pleaded guilty to one count of tax evasion and admitted to concealing his income.

The following year, Sorrentino spent eight months behind bars at a federal prison in Otisville, New York,  per CNN.  Ever since his tax scandal, Sorrentino has worked hard to turn over a new leaf and has shared his “comeback story” with his fans.

The Situation Also Plans to Celebrate an Important Milestone With His Son Every Year

In addition to teaching him about money matters, The Situation said he plans to keep his son closely in the loop regarding his sobriety. The reality star, who recently marked five years of sobriety after an addiction to prescription painkillers, revealed that he will celebrate the anniversary date every year with his boy.

“Oh yeah,” Sorrentino said on the podcast. “It’s my sober birthday.” He added that he wants to make sure his son knows that his “Daddy’s a sober legend.”

In December, Sorrentino celebrated his 5-year sobriety milestone with a cake and balloons.

“Receiving my 5-year medallion made me feel like I won a gold medal, and it is a badge I am honored to wear!” Sorrentino wrote to his followers in an Instagram post. “If I can help just one person find their voice, I know it was all worth it!”

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