Mike Sorrentino Reveals How He Handles ‘Tough Times’

Mike and Lauren Sorrentino

Getty Mike and Lauren Sorrentino attend the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

“Jersey Shore” star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino recently shared how he has handled difficult moments. During a September episode of his podcast, “Here’s the Sitch with Mike & Laurens,” co-hosted by his wife Lauren Sorrentino, Mike answered a few fan questions. 

Mike & Lauren Sorrentino Discussed How They Handled Getting Through Difficult Moments

During the podcast episode, uploaded on September 21, one fan called in and asked the Sorrentinos “what [they] do when [they are] feeling depressed and can’t get motivated again.” Lauren shared that she believes exercise can be helpful. She explained that pilates and  yoga have helped her relax as it “distracts [her] brain to take it out of any kind of overthinking or something that [she is] worried about.”

“Depression is literally worrying about something that you can’t control, so I’ll try to take my brain out of that,” explained Lauren.

She also noted that “getting outdoors” has been good for her mental help.  

“Even if I’m not having the motivation to be so active and go, you know, work out, hit some hard circuit outside, I could go for a nice walk in the park. Or just take the baby out in a stroller. And just get fresh air, like fresh air is just so important for you,” said the mother-of-one. 

Mike shared similar sentiments and revealed “when [he] had some really tough times, [he] celebrated those tough times by challenging [himself] to exercise maybe 60 minutes or 90 minutes.” 

“Also getting in nature and combining the two, exercising in nature, I guarantee if you are not feeling good and you get out there, you throw your iPod on and your EarPods or what have you and you exercise and work your body for 60 to 90 minutes, you are not going to be thinking about maybe your stresses, it will actually destress you, you know, your anxiety and all that stuff is going to be lowered and you know, I would definitely recommend that,” shared the MTV personality. 

Mike then shared that he also believes having rest days and “tak[ing] a nice hot shower” could be beneficial. He also noted that he believes people should view each day as “a new start.” 

Mike & Lauren Sorrentino Have a Son Who Was Born in May 2021

As fans are aware, Mike and Lauren Sorrentino have a 3-month-old son, named Romeo. During an August episode of their podcast, the couple discussed how adjusting to having a baby has changed their lives. Mike asserted that “newborn life is survival.”

“It was not easy guys but we’ve made it out. You know, I took off from the gym for I think for eight weeks, you know, we weren’t really eating very well but now that we are getting the hang of this thing called parenthood, Romeo is getting older. He’s getting bigger. He’s getting stronger, he’s sleeping more, we’re able to make those adjustments as parents for us,” said the 39-year-old.

He went on to say that he and his wife were still taking the time to practice “self-care,” by “implementing exercise” and “implementing the me time.”

Mike recently shared a picture of his son on Instagram. The picture, uploaded on September 23, showed Romeo, who was wearing plaid pajamas, lying on a blue blanket. 

“Purpose is an incredible motivator [flexed bicep emoji],” wrote Mike in the post’s caption. 

Lauren responded to the post and noted that her child’s pajamas were Christmas-themed. 

“[Three heart-eye emoji] daddy put him in his xmas pjs lmao [Santa Claus emoji] not mad about it! [hearts surrounding a smiling face emoji],” shared the 36-year-old.

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