Nicole Polizzi Shares Unexpected Statement on Her Arrest

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

Seaside Heights Police Department "Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi didn't hold back when she was asked about her arrest.

If “Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi could change anything about her famous beach arrest, she wouldn’t. The MTV star said that “Jersey Shore” — including her “iconic” detainment — shaped her into the wonderful mother she is today.

Polizzi, 33, was asked about her regrets and when pressed about the beach situation she didn’t back down.

“No, that’s iconic. I would never take that back,” she told Us Weekly on June 27. “I mean, there’s some things where I was like, ‘Oh, you’re so annoying. Why would you do that?’ But at the same time, everything that I did on the show kind of made me who I am today, which is, like, a kick-ass mom.”

In fact, Polizzi is happy she humiliated herself on the MTV reality show. “I’m actually glad that I embarrassed myself and did all that stupid stuff because now I can, like, relax and be a classy mom,” the New Jersey resident revealed.

Polizzi and her husband, Jionni LaValle, share three children together: 8-year-old son Lorenzo, 6-year-old daughter Giovanna and 2-year-old son Angelo. The couple welcomed their first child in 2012 and tied the knot in 2014.

Polizzi’s Arrest Happened More Than 10 Years Ago

Before she started a family, Polizzi was best known as the party girl from “Jersey Shore.”

The iconic moment Polizzi referenced in her interview is when she got drunk in the middle of the day. She was trying to figure out how to get to the water, which she could see from the boardwalk, and famously yelled, “Where’s the beach?”

Polizzi was arrested on July 30, 2010, and was accused of disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, and criminal annoyance of others, Cheatsheet reported. The disorderly conduct and criminal annoyance charges were dropped at her September 8, 2010 hearing and Polizzi received a fine of $500 and was sentenced to community service, the publication wrote.

Polizzi’s interview with Us Weekly wasn’t the first time she said she didn’t regret her arrest. She made a similar comment in a YouTube video last year, which was quoted by Cheatsheet.

The pint-sized reality star recalled blacking out and being confused when she woke up alone in a jail cell. “When I woke up, the cops were very nice,” Polizzi recalled, per the outlet. “They took me out of the cell, and they gave me water and donuts. I said, ‘What happened?’”

“You know what? — I don’t regret it,” she continued, talking to her fans directly. “I’m really glad I made that moment for all of you.”

Polizzi Regrets Making a Mean-Spirited Speech at Angelina Pivarnick’s Wedding

One of the most contentious moments in “Jersey Shore” history was when Angelina Pivarnick got married and Polizzi — along with co-stars Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Deena Cortese — gave a “Mean Girls” style bridesmaids speech.

It’s the one moment that Polizzi says she wishes she could change. The toast caused a rift in the crew, with the disastrous incident being something the cast still talks about today.

“I regret doing it at the wedding. We should have [done] it at the bachelorette party because she would have laughed and loved it,” the star told Us Weekly. “The wedding probably wasn’t such a good idea. So yes, I regret showing that speech at the wedding. It wasn’t funny like we thought it was.”

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