Which ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Member Was Drunk at Their Audition

Cast of Jersey Shore

Getty The cast "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" pose in 2018.

Since its first season, fans of “Jersey Shore” have enjoyed Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s on-screen presence as a pickle-loving partier. According to E! News, Polizzi caught the attention of casting director, Doron Ofir, when she auditioned for the reality series while being under the influence of alcohol. While speaking to Vulture in 2018, alongside the show’s cast and crew, Polizzi explained that she “saw an audition posting on Facebook for a show called ‘Guidos and Guidettes,’” which would later be changed to “Jersey Shore.”

“I went [to the audition] drunk, because it was at a bar, and the rest is history,” said the mother-of-three.

During the Vulture interview, Ofir recalled that Polizzi “showed up in a miniskirt and she literally did cartwheels and flips.”

“Her application was smudged with fingerprints from her bronzer to the point that I was like, ‘What happened to her application? What spilled on it?’” explained the casting director. 

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Shared More Information About Her Audition on YouTube

Polizzi shared more information about the audition process in a 2018 YouTube video. She explained she had ambitions of being a reality television star since she was in high school. The 33-year-old also noted she came across information about auditioning for the show while she was a community college student. She then revealed that moments prior to auditioning, she decided the best course of action would be to drink “half a bottle of [Southern Comfort].” 

“I just said who I was and I loved going down to the Shore, and I’m newly single and I want to find love and you know, basically everything that I wanted to do down the Shore. They called me back and I was like woo it’s happening,” said Polizzi. 

She then noted that she “had to go for a couple other interviews” before being instructed to head over to “a hotel like 10 minutes away from Seaside — Jersey Shore.” Polizzi believed she had already been cast for the show and was disappointed to learn that she had to go through another round of auditions. To set herself apart, she “chugged vodka before [she] went to the interview.” 

“I had to kill it. I had to get on this show,” said Polizzi.

Eventually, producers informed Polizzi that she had been officially cast on “Jersey Shore.” She drove while still feeling the effects of the vodka to the Jersey Shore house located in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. The MTV star recalled that when she “walked in the house,” she “was actually shaking… because [she] was so excited to be on the show.” She explained that she immediately “downed like six shots because [she] needed liquid courage because she was shaking so much.” 

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Revealed She Was Thankful for the Show

During the YouTube video, Polizzi revealed that she was thankful to be a part of the “Jersey Shore.” She noted that she “met [her husband] Jionni [LaValle] on the show.” 

“Just like all the relationships and important people in my life now wouldn’t be in my life if I didn’t go on the show, so I’m very grateful for ‘Jersey Shore,’” said the MTV star. 

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