Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Shares Wild Rumor About Her & a Famous Rapper

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

Getty Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi poses at the MTV VMAs in 2016.

Since the “Jersey Shore” debuted nearly 12 years ago, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has been a topic of the rumor mill. During a July 2021 appearance on the “This Is Paris” podcast, hosted by Paris Hilton and Hunter March, the reality television star revealed there was a rumor that she was romantically linked to a famous Canadian rapper. 

During the interview, Hilton requested Polizzi to share “the craziest rumor that [she] ever heard about [herself].” The mother-of-three revealed that there were reports she “hooked up with Drake,” after meeting him at an MTV event when “Jersey Shore” was in its third season. 

“He was performing and then we were going on and then we saw each other and I was like oh my god, and hugged him, I was like I’m such a big fan. That was it and then the next day I hooked up with Drake,” said Polizzi.

Hilton then shared that “the media has made up so many stories” about her having relationships with celebrities, like Michael Jackson. She explained that the rumors started “because [they] had pictures together.” The “Simple Life” star noted that this piece of misinformation was particularly upsetting as the late pop singer was childhood friends with her mother, Kathy Hilton.

“I was like I literally have known him since I was born. My mom and him have been best friends since they were 13. Like no. He’s like family,” asserted Hilton. 

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Discussed How Her Former Friends Responded to Her Fame

While speaking to Hilton and March, Polizzi revealed that she had ambitions of becoming a reality television star “since [she] was in middle school.” However, she was surprised when “Jersey Shore” became one of the most popular shows on MTV. While she was able to handle many aspects of being thrust into fame, she took issue with how some of her former friends responded to her newfound celebrity. The 33-year-old revealed that those individuals “would start selling stories about [her],” as well as “pictures of [her] from high school like smoking weed.” 

“I’m like really, like you’re trying to get a couple bucks off saying that I used to smoke weed in high school, so that was annoying. But then it just showed me who my true friends are, so it was eye opening,” said Polizzi. 

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Discussed Bullying in 2013

While speaking to Celebuzz in 2013, the MTV star revealed that she was subjected to rumors even before she was famous. She shared that she and her group of friends were “bullied a lot” when they were teenagers. 

“You know we were pretty girls, we were cheerleaders and the older girls didn’t like us,” said Polizzi. “And I feel like they thought we were competition so they would make up nasty rumors about us and even me. And they would make me feel like a very low person, so I think I overcame that and then now with all the nasty stuff the world is saying about us and me, it just rolls off my shoulder now. Because I feel like if you are bullied just know that you are a good person and that’s all that matters. I mean people have opinions, yes, and that’s okay.” 

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