Snooki Reveals if She’ll Let Her Kids Do Reality TV


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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s life has changed a lot since she starred on the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore.” Since then, Snooki married Jionni LaValle in 2014 and welcomed three children: Lorenzo, Giavanna, and Angelo. In a recent interview on the “Betches Moms” podcast, Snooki revealed if she would let her children do reality television.

Snooki “Wants Better” for Her Kids

In a November 2021 episode of the “Betches Moms” podcast, Snooki told host Brittany Levine how she would feel about her children being on TV.

In the episode, Brittany asked Snooki how she would feel about her daughter Giovanna and Jwoww’s daughter Meilani starring in a reality TV show. Snooki and Jwoww frequently share photos of their daughters together, and fans go crazy over the adorable duo.

Snooki told Brittany she hopes her children go down a different path. “I’m like the mom that wants better for them,” she told Brittany. “Go be a doctor, be a lawyer, go be the queen of England, like something serious and life-changing, but obviously if they wanted to do reality [TV], I would support them,” she said in the interview.

Snooki made her reality TV debut in 2009 on “Jersey Shore” and has gone on to star in multiple TV shows since then, including “Dancing with the Stars” and “Master Chef: Celebrity Family Showdown,” according to her IMDb page. She currently stars on “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” and hosts the MTV show “Messyness.”

Snooki told Brittany that she wants her kids to follow a different career path.

“I just want it to be my thing,” she said. “This is mommy’s job. I want you to be a veterinarian.”

Snooki Released a Wine Brand

Snooki isn’t just a reality TV star. She is also a successful businesswoman. In November 2021, she released a wine brand called Messy Mawma.

The “Jersey Shore” star told Brittnay Levine that releasing a wine brand felt like a natural fit.

“Everyone knows me for having a good time and drinking,” Snooki told the podcast host. Messy Mawma is out now and is available to purchase on the brand’s website and in stores. Both the Cabernet Sauvignon and chardonnay cost $19.95 per bottle.

On the podcast, Snooki revealed to Brittany the inspiration behind the name Messy Mawma.

“I feel like my whole thing is messy,” she told the host. Snooki said the name aligned with her brand, which is all about “being messy” but put together at the same time.

“My whole mantra is just being a messy person but still having my shit together,” she said in the interview. I’m not the perfect cookie-cutter mom. I’m the messy mom, but I still get things done.”

Snooki on Creating Messy Mawma

On the podcast, Snooki revealed she was heavily involved in the process of creating her wine brand.

“Everything I do, when it comes to my business and my brand, I need 100% approval on,” she told the “Betches Moms” host. Snooki was involved in the process from start to finish. She told Brittany she had tasted over 20 different wines before settling on her favorites.

“I tried like ten different reds, ten different whites, and then I was mixing certain ones to see if I liked it, and then I finally came up with the perfect ones that I loved,” she said.

She was also involved in designing the packaging of the bottles. “Leopard is like my signature, so I had to throw that in there,” she said.

For more information on Messy Mawma follow the brand’s Instagram @messymawmawine

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