DJ Pauly D & Angelina Pivarnick Reportedly Hooked Up

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Instagram "Jersey Shore" stars Paul DelVecchio and Angelina Pivarnick have been hiding a secret: They reportedly hooked up.

Jersey Shore stars Paul DelVecchio–also known as DJ Pauly D–and Angelina Pivarnick have been hiding a secret: They reportedly hooked up after the first season of the MTV reality show during a promotional tour in Los Angeles.

The reveal came after one person asked a producer during an anonymous Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, “What’s one of the wildest moments or storylines that you can’t believe didn’t make it to the show?”

The producer then revealed that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino used to hook up with Angelina before Jersey Shore, and that led the person to expose Angelina and Pauly’s brief fling.

“We touched on it lightly but Angelina used to hook up with Mike years ago… he actually suggested her to casting originally!” the producer said. “And during a promotional trip (it was either in LA or New York but I think it was LA), she hooked up with Pauly as well. I think all of this could have made a great storyline. But it just never had any legs. What happens in LA, stays in LA apparently.”

Angelina Apparently Developed Feelings For Pauly

As noted by, it’s not often that Pauly gets angry. He’s normally one of the most carefree and easy-going members of the cast–aside from Vinny Guagagnino.

Instead of participating in any of the drama, he’s more likely to pull one of his famous pranks to lighten the mood, but there was no joking around during Season 3 of Jersey Shore when the crew was partying in Miami. Fans of the series might remember that Pauly got all too serious during a heated incident with Angelina.

We now know the catalyst for that explosion thanks to a former Jersey Shore producer again being candid during a Reddit Ask Me Anything session.

In regard to Pauly’s explosion, that happened after Angelina developed feelings for the DJ after their tryst. “Angelina and Pauly had hooked up around the time of the JS season 1 reunion,” the producer said. “This caused feelings on Angelina’s side and, to make it long story short, she was jealous that Pauly wasn’t super into her and was hooking up with other girls.”

When Pauly Gets Angry, He Gets Very Loud

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Pauly reportedly blew up because Angelina kept antagonizing him.

“Pauly got pissed because he thought they established that there were no feelings involved and then Angelina flipped out on him when she was intoxicated,” the producer said. “The argument actually lasted longer than it was aired and was cropped to show the explosion of Pauly on Angelina. Angelina continuously antagonized Pauly to get a rise out of him, or to confess her love for him, I don’t really know what her goal was to be honest LOL.”

The DJ tried to ignore Angelina, but she apparently pushed him too far. And once Pauly gets angry, he gets very angry. “Regardless, Pauly ignored her and ignored her and ignored her and she kept pushing. So it is totally understandable why he blew up and YES, when Pauly did is mad, he is LOUD,” the producer said. “You can only be quiet for so long, I suppose! LOL”

Don’t miss Season 4 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation when it returns to MTV on November 17.

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