PHOTOS: Mike & Lauren Sorrentino Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

Mike and Lauren Sorrentino

Getty Mike and Lauren Sorrentino attend the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, of “Jersey Shore” fame, wed his wife Lauren Sorrentino on November 1, 2018. On November 1, 2021, the MTV personality uploaded two Instagram posts in celebration of marrying his wife three years ago. 

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Uploaded Instagram Posts in Celebration of Marrying His Wife in 2018

The first Instagram post featured six pictures. The first and fifth pictures showed the 39-year-old sitting on a plane. The second snap showed Lauren doing the same while holding a baby bottle. The mother-of-one held her son, Romeo, for the third picture. The baby looked at the camera with a big smile on his face. The fourth picture showed the child placed in a car seat while on the plane. The final shot featured Romeo sitting on Lauren’s lap in an airport. 

In the post’s caption, Mike suggested that his family was traveling for the fifth season of “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation,” which is currently in production. He also noted that he has been sober since 2015 and asserted that “[b]lessings hit different when you’re a good person.” 

“3 amazing years with my soul mate, our first beautiful child Romeo, 6 years of sobriety and off to an all new #jsfamilyvacation adventure [plane emoji],” read a portion of the caption. 

Mike’s second Instagram upload consisted of three pictures taken at their marriage ceremony and reception. In the first photo, the couple kissed while standing on the aisle surrounded by onlookers. The following two pictures featured Mike and Lauren sharing a dance. 

“Happy anniversary my Love ‼️ 3 years in heaven with a beautiful baby boy @itsbabysituation We are truly living a fairytale [crown emoji] Love BDS,” read the post’s caption. 

Quite a few fans flocked to the comments section to shower the Sorrentinos with well wishes. 

“Happy anniversary Mike and Lauren [six red heart emoji],” shared one fan. 

“Happy Anniversary! So happy for all 3 situations [red heart emoji] [two blue heart emoji],” added another. 

“Happy Anniversary to u both!!! My favorite couple!! Love the pictures!!” wrote a different commenter. 

Mike & Lauren Sorrentino Spoke About Their Relationship on Their Podcast

During an October episode of their podcast, “Here’s The Sitch With Mike & Laurens,” the couple discussed their relationship. Lauren shared that the couple’s “third year wedding anniversary [is] on All Saints’ Day.” 

“That’s huge. And we have a very happy, positive marriage,” asserted Mike. “But just saying that doesn’t mean that everything’s peaches. I mean we work on our relationship on a daily basis. Relationships take work. And you’ve got to put the work in, otherwise they’ll start to fall apart.” 

While recording the podcast episode, uploaded on October 19, Mike and Lauren also shared how people can support their family members and friends who are struggling with addiction. 

“Sometimes, unfortunately, loved ones have to hit a bottom first before they can sort of see the light sometimes and even, I’m going to stay this and I don’t like to say this, failure is a part of the story,” said Mike. 

He explained that he initially found it difficult to get sober.

“When I was recovering in 2012, I relapsed for another — on and off for probably three years until 2015 when I got it but I was attempting to get it the whole time,” stated the father-of-one. 

Lauren then shared how she was able to support her spouse through his struggles with addiction. 

“I just always like to tell the family members to leave the communication lines open so that you are always there to help the person get better. Get clean and all that good stuff. But you can’t do it for them. I definitely did not do it for Mike. I definitely supported him through it but he’s the one who did the work,” asserted the 36-year-old. 

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