Roger Matthews Responds to Jenni Farley’s Engagement

Roger Matthews

Getty Roger Matthews, the ex-husband of "Jersey Shore" star Jenni "JWoww" Farley, opened up about how he feels about her engagement news. (Pictured: Jenni Farley (L) and Roger Matthews.)

Roger Matthews, the ex-husband of Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley, opened up about how he feels about her engagement news. The couple, who split in August 2019, share two children together, Greyson and Meilani. Jenni said “I do” to Zack Carpinello, a 26-year-old wrestler.

“I’m happy for her. I’m happy for them,” Roger said on the March 11, episode of his “Champ and the Tramp” podcast, as noted by TMZ. “I don’t know Zack well, but what I do know of him … he’s good to my children. Jenni seems very happy. They seem very happy together. I have no reason to have any beef with him.”

Roger talked about the engagement after one of his co-hosts received a news alert while they were recording the podcast. The New Jersey native said he had already heard about it because “several different media outlets” asked him to comment on it.

“I didn’t comment because we live different lives now, [we have] different worlds — obviously were always going to be connected for the kids — so I didn’t comment,” he said. “It’s not my place to comment.”

Roger & Zack Don’t Know Each Other Well

Even though Roger isn’t too familiar with Jenni’s beau, he decided to make a statement since he was in the middle of filming his show. According to Roger, it’s not easy to get to know Zack, because he “doesn’t talk much” and “it’s kinda hard to get to know him.”

Roger, 45, wanted to clarify that even though he and Jenni had a rough breakup, they’re on better terms now.

“We went through our s***. We went through some nasty s*** — as many divorces are — but we live very public lives so it became public and I take an incredible amount of responsibility for that,” he said. “I did s*** I never should have done.”

Since their divorce, Roger has done a lot of work on himself. “I went through all the channels I think I had to go through to become a better person,” he said. “So why am I going to have resentment, you know what I mean? We’re done. Our time together is over, with the exception of being parents to two wonderful kids… I’m happy for them, truly.

Zack Might Be Able to Lift More Than Roger

Zack, who coined the nickname “24” because he’s younger than everyone in the Jersey Shore crew, might be a little bit stronger than Roger. The father-of-two made the admission after one of his friends asked who could bench more.

“He’s half my age bro and he’s probably bigger. He could be able to bench more…He’s got youth on his side,” the 45-year-old said. “I’m not gonna talk s*** man.”

“If he talks shit, it would be a completely different story, but he doesn’t,” he joked.

While a second wedding is in Jenni’s future, Roger doesn’t plan to walk down the aisle any time soon with girlfriend Danielle Miele.

“Only an idiot would say ‘never’ about anything — so I would never say never — but I’m very content. My role in life is to be a dad. That is my role. That is my thing,” he said. “I’m very happy in my relationship but we’re not talking about engagements or marriage.”

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