Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s Girlfriend Says She’s Being Bullied by His Ex

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

Getty Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his girlfriend Saffire Matos appear to be back on after a brief time of unfollowing each other on social media. This past week, the Jersey Shore star shared some photos and videos of the time he got to spend with his daughter Ariana. In some of those videos, Matos was seen interacting with the toddler. This may have caused a rift with Ariana’s mother, Jenn Harley.

In the overnight hours on Friday, Matos took to her Instagram Stories to share that she’s being “harassed” by Harley. Matos said that this has been going on “for a year.”

“I’ve been quiet for a year, while being harassed and [I] never publicly have talked about it, because I never ever want negative attention, especially by a person who is clearly not happy. I value my family and my personal life and being the best person and growing each day, and sometimes that means taking the high road,” Matos wrote in a lengthy post on her Instagram story.

“I’m not the most perfect person and I make mistakes, but I’ve never tried to slander this person’s name, while knowing a lot of personal information, because that is not who I am. The lies that are being thrown around is where I draw the LINE. She has been harassing ME, trying to tear me down, and NOW LYING ON MY NAME dming people that don’t like me, just to make me look bad. My mental health is important to me, and I’ve never done anything to try to get media attention, but it’s hard to stay silent after a year of this,” she added, before writing, “this will be the only time I address this and I will be taking the appropriate action to finally try to stop this.”

Matos’ posts came after Jenn Harley uploaded several screenshots about alleged conversations in which Matos was flirting with another guy.

Here’s what you need to know:

Saffire Matos Shared a Screenshot of Text Messages Allegedly Between Jenn Harley & Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s Mother

Matos next post on her Instagram Story was a screenshot of a text-based conversation that allegedly took place between Harley and Ortiz-Magro’s mom.

The screenshot shows that Harley was upset because Ortiz-Magro had Ariana meet Matos for the first time. Harley appeared concerned that Matos and Ariana were laying next to each other in bed.

“Whatever I know your (sic) probably thrilled I’m out of the picture. Enjoy the new family, I’m out, and so is Ariana. She won’t be involved in that I promise u (sic),” Harley allegedly wrote.

“Your feelings are valid but what I’m saying is – get to the bottom of it before letting it get to you. When did you talk to her?” read the response, allegedly from Ortiz-Magro’s mom.

“I talked to her a few hours ago. I messaged her. When I found out she was laying next to my kid. She’s a legit … in bed with my kid,” Harley responded. The missing word looks like it says “stranger” but it was covered up by a text bubble added by Matos.

Jenn Harley Has Been Posting About Saffire Matos on Her Own Instagram Story

As previously reported by Heavy, Harley spilled some “tea” about Matos on social media earlier in the week. Harley had shared screenshots, alleging that Matos messaged Harley’s boyfriend and told him that he would never see Ariana again.

The screenshot-sharing continued into the week, with Harley calling out Matos for being a “fraud.” Some of the messages appeared to take place between Harley’s boyfriend and Matos, and, at one point, the screenshot showed that Matos used a gay slur in these alleged texts.

Harley claims that Matos is playing the “victim” and has called her out for all to see. She has also accused Matos of cheating on Ortiz-Magro with “two dudes,” and posted “solid proof” by way of screenshots.

So far, Ortiz-Magro has not commented on the drama between Matos and Harley.

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