Vinny Makes His Final Choice on ‘Double Shot at Love’

Vinny on "Double Shot at Love"

YouTube Vinny on "Double Shot at Love"

“Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” star Vinny Guadagnino is currently starring in another reality show called “Double Shot at Love” alongside co-star Pauly D.

Season 3 of the show premiered in September 2021 on MTV and focused on Vinny finding love with the help of his longtime friend Pauly D.  The season began with 20 women, but Vinny made his final choice in the December 10 season finale.

Fans React to Vinny’s Final Choice

In the series finale, Vinny said goodbye to two women, Peachy Piccinonno and Erika Devita,  with whom he shared a personal connection. In the end, Vinny chose Akielia, the 28-year-old travel nurse.

“Double Shot at Love” fans were quick to share their thoughts on Vinny’s final pick on Twitter. Some fans felt that the reality TV star made a mistake. One Twitter user wrote, “you picked Akielia because your mom liked her the most? She doesn’t even seem into you. It was between KP and Erika D.” Another fan weighed in, writing, “So u basically saw 2 girls exactly right for you…Peachy or Erika…and decided to go completely left. Sounds typical for a guy.”

It looks like fans might have been right about the lack of chemistry between Vinny and his final pick. Shortly after the episode aired, Vinny took to Instagram to update fans on the current status of his relationship with Akielia.

“The finale you watched last night was filmed seven months ago. ‘AK’ and I have kept in touch. We are not in a relationship, but I now consider her a friend because she’s cool AF,” Vinny said in an Instagram statement according to Showbiz CheatSheet. 

Paula Grills the Ladies

In the December 2 episode of “Double Shot at Love,” Vinny enlisted the help of his mom, Paula, to help him narrow down his options. In an exclusive clip shared by Hollywood Life, Paula asks the girls some hard-hitting questions over facetime.

She asks the girls if they have ever been in a long-term relationship. Akielia Rucker responds by telling Paula she was in a seven-year-long relationship that ended three years ago.

“He came to me out of nowhere and was just like ‘I don’t want to break up but I want to let you know that I don’t see kids or marriage anywhere in our near future.’ And so, at this age, if that’s not the goal, then I feel like it’s pointless,” Akielia said about the breakup. Paula seemed impressed by this answer and Vinny picked up on that.

“I think my mom is really clicking with Akielia,” the “Jersey Shore” star said. “Akielia usually isn’t that active in conversations and asking questions, but she can raise her voice when she wants to, and she knows it was important when meeting my mom.”

Paula also seemed to like Peachy, the bubbly California native who owns a cosmetic company. When Paula asks Peachy what she likes about Vinny, Peachy takes the opportunity to compliment the mother-son duo on their strong relationship.

“I actually have been saying that I like how close he is to you,” she told Paula. “When I’m with someone I want them to have that good relationship with their mom. I want to know they’re treating their mom well because that’s kind of like a representation of how they’ll end up treating me if we end up together.”

Paula is impressed with Peachy’s answer, which Vinny immediately notcied. “My mom seems to be getting along with Peachy and it’s not surprising Peachy definitely knows how to throw on her little Peachy charm,” he says in the clip.

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