Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Weighs in on Justin Bieber’s Beef With Tom Cruise

Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber wants to fight Tom Cruise — at least, that’s what he keeps saying. Bieber first brought up the idea of fighting the famous actor in 2019, when he challenged Cruise to a mixed martial arts match via social media. Recently, Bieber has brought up the idea again, in an Instagram post featuring the boxing outfit he wore for his latest single, “Anyone.”

In the post, Bieber wrote, “Tom Cruise is toast”

The post garnered comments from a number of celebrities, including Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. In a comment on Bieber’s Instagram post, Johnson wrote, “‘You’re gonna eat lightning and crap thunder’ go get em bro”

Previously, Bieber has clarified that he’s only kidding around when he challenges Cruise for fights. “I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to a fight in the octagon,” he first tweeted. “Tom if you dont take this fight your scared and you will never live it down. Who is willing to put on the fight?”

Shortly after, Bieber said via TMZ, “I was just playing. I’m pretty sure Tom would … probably whup my a** in a fight.”

Celebrities Weigh in on Bieber’s Apparent Beef With Tom Cruise

Cruise has never acknowledged Bieber’s repeated efforts to spar with him, but plenty of other celebrities have. Logan Paul commented on Bieber’s recent Instagram, for example, writing, “Rocky Balbieber”

Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, commented, “WHY!!!??????? 😆”

Tom Lintz wrote, “Tom gotta watch out 👀🥊”

LOOK: Bieber Loses His Tattoos for ‘Anyone’ Music Video

Justin Bieber recently removed all of his tattoos temporarily for the music video for his latest single, “Anyone.” The song premiered on New Year’s Eve, following Bieber’s concert livestream with T Mobile. In the music video, Bieber is a boxer in love with a longtime girlfriend. He’s also notably free of his many tattoos.

Bieber shared a video of his tattoo “removal” to Instagram after the video premiered, showing just how much work went into his temporary tattoo disappearance.

The video shows that Bieber’s tattoos were “removed” by painstaking makeup work, with multiple artists working to slowly cover his sixty-plus tattoos with small brushes. You can watch the video below.

In a few pictures shared to her Instagram story, wife Hailey Baldwin revealed how she helped wrap her husband’s hands in the video, which features a narrative in which Bieber is a boxer in an earlier time period. “My contribution to the ‘Anyone’ video,” she captioned one photo, in which she’s pictured carefully wrapping her husband’s hands before he puts on boxing gloves. She’s also been outspoken with her love for the song, repeatedly sharing it on her social media and even saying it’s one of her favorite songs.

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