Hailey Baldwin Slams Trump Supporters Who Stormed the Capitol: ‘This Is Embarrassing’

Hailey Baldwin


On Wednesday evening, Hailey Baldwin was one of many public figures who openly denounced the Trump supporters who stormed and broke into the Capitol. Baldwin has been politically active in the past, encouraging people to vote during the presidential election, and also calling attention to the Georgia Senate runoffs. Now, she’s made her opinions crystal clear.

Baldwin shared a number of screenshotted tweets and statements to her Instagram story, as well as a few comments of her own. One of the tweets she shared was from the Black Lives Matter account, which read, “So we all just gonna act like its ok that white folks are storming the Capitol with no police response! But when we protesting to save our damn lives the police beat the S*$T out of us. Come on y’all!”

Baldwin also shared a tweet that read, “These fragile white nationalist terrorists are devastated because they lost far more than just this election — they lost the false sense of superiority and illusion of self that whiteness created for them.”

In addition to that tweet was another message added on top of the screenshot, which read, “Today is the culmination of Trump’s continually unfounded claims of voter fraud. He’s been lying and inciting violence at the highest level for four years now. It’s dangerous, embarrassing, and disgusting.”

LOOK: Hailey Calls Trump Supporters Who Stormed the Capitol ‘Embarrassing’

Hailey Baldwin Instagram

Hailey Bieber Instagram

In one of her many Instagram stories that denounced the break-in of the Capitol, Baldwin called Trump supporters who were involved “embarrassing.”

“This is SO embarrassing,” she said. “HE LOST!!!!!!! SAY IT WITH ME: HEEEEE LOST.”

She went on, “MOVE ON!!! This is like a bad embarrassing breakup!”

She then shared another tweet that read, “stop! Calling! Them! Protestors! They! Are! Terrorists!”

Baldwin’s Father Is a Huge Trump Supporter, & Retweets the President Often

Baldwin’s decision to publicly back Biden for the presidential election this year reflected a large break from her immediate family: her father, Stephen Baldwin, is an ongoing Trump supporter.

After Baldwin posted a picture of herself wearing a Biden shirt on Mental Health Awareness Day, her father took to Twitter to reinforce his support of the president. He tweeted,

“don’t talk much about family pray 4 everyone every day!
in my ❤️beauty of🇺🇸
‘land of #free home of #brave’ is … reverence 4 our freedom, importance of clarity of vote?
(vision goal truth intent)
Many are called, few are chosen! Gospel is truth
battle already won ✝️

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