How Hailey Baldwin Helped With Justin Bieber’s New Music Video

Hailey Baldwin


Hailey Baldwin was instrumental in a specific way during the production for her husband’s latest music video. Justin Bieber’s new song “Anyone” was released on New Year’s Eve, along with an accompanying video, featuring a guest appearance by actress Zoey Deutch. Hailey didn’t actually appear in the video, itself. Rather, she worked behind the scenes.

In a few pictures shared to her Instagram story, Hailey revealed how she helped wrap her husband’s hands in the video, which features a narrative in which Bieber is a boxer in an earlier time period. “My contribution to the ‘Anyone’ video,” she captioned one photo, in which she’s pictured carefully wrapping her husband’s hands before he puts on boxing gloves.

LOOK: Hailey Doing Some Behind-the-Scenes Work on Her Husband’s New Video

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Bieber Instagram

In the photo above, you can see Hailey helping out her husband on the “Anyone” music video set. She’s also been outspoken with her love for the song, repeatedly sharing it on her social media and even saying it’s one of her favorite songs.

Hailey and Justin spent New Year’s Eve together, as well as the Christmas holiday. The married couple shared a number of photos of their time together over the holiday season. In one Christmas photo, Justin wrote, “What a way to spend Christmas night with you the absolute love of my whole existence. Obsessed with you so much it actually hurts lol”

In another Instagram, Justin shared an old video of Hailey as a child performing in the Nutcracker. He wrote, “If you didn’t know how cute my wife was already you will know after watching her tiny self in the nutcracker. My heart can’t take it”

LOOK: Bieber’s Tattoos Disappear With the Help of Multiple Makeup Artists

In Bieber’s video for “Anyone,” he’s shirtless for virtually the entire song. He’s also tat-less, thanks to the work of these makeup artists, as seen in the video above.

Bieber has over sixty tattoos as of October 2020. His body artwork ranges from multiple crosses of different sizes and shape, to a huge tattoo of a lion on one of his pectorals, as well as the word “Purpose,” which was the title of one of his recent albums.

He has his mother’s birth year inked onto his collarbone in Roman numerals, the word “forgive” on his wrist, a large bear on the pectoral opposite the lion tattoo, and more. Bieber recently confirmed to Ellen Degeneres that he plans to tattoo faces of his wife, Hailey, and future children onto his back, when the time comes.

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