Selena Gomez Spanish Album Rumors: Is She Releasing Spanish Language Music?

Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez could be releasing a new album completely in Spanish, according to some rumors that have been spurred from speculation around what feels, to many, like a clear clue from Gomez. As noted by Billboard, fans have spotted multiple billboards of Gomez popping up around across Mexico in recent weeks. These billboards have hinted at two songs in particular, “De Una Vez” and “Baila Conmigo.”

Gomez first brought up the idea of a Spanish album ten years ago. “Can’t wait for y’all to hear the Spanish record ;) it’s sounding so cool,” she tweeted in 2011.

Now, fans are calling back to that tweet, and speculating that it might just be time to release the music.

What Gomez Has Said About a Spanish Album

Besides that 2011 tweet, Gomez has not said much about her Spanish music project over the years. But in an interview with Billboard this December, Gomez confirmed that she had a “whole little vessel of good thing” coming in 2021, with the publication speculating that this could include a Spanish language project.

“It’s nice to know that Rare became what it became for me,” Gomez told Billboard. “And obviously I would like to say that it was the best album that I’ve released so far. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna challenge myself for the next.”

In another feature, Billboard also confirmed that Gomez has a secret visual project slated to come out in 2021. No further information was provided on that project.

Gomez Received a Hispanic Heritage Arts Award in 2020

Last October, Gomez was honored with a Hispanic Heritage Arts Award by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. She received the honor virtually during a PBS broadcast. Per Good Morning America, Gomez said, “I want to continue knowing that just because of who I am, and just because of the hard work I do, I hope that it just inspires so many people to continue to believe in their dreams, believe that they’re capable, that they can — no matter what.”

Gomez went on, “I’m just really grateful that I have had so many beautiful opportunities, and to be a voice in the community means a lot. And it’s a big responsibility, and I love that. And I promise more to come in future for all kinds of stuff. So thank you!”

Gomez also launched her Rare Beauty makeup line over the summer. One of the core values of the brand is to champion inclusivity and diversity, with many of the products offering over 40 shades for a wide range of skin colors.

“Rare Beauty is breaking down unrealistic standards of perfection,” the About page for the site reads. “This is makeup made to feel good in, without hiding what makes you unique—because Rare Beauty is not about being someone else, but being who you are.”

One percent of annual sales for Rare Beauty go towards the Rare Impact Fund, a philanthropic fund with the goal of raising $100 million over the next 10 years, all of which will go towards expanding access to mental health services.

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