What Does ‘Churchome’ Mean? Justin Bieber’s New Church, Explained

Justin Bieber Churchome


Churchome is the name of Justin Bieber’s new church. Bieber has finally fully renounced his relationship to Hillsong, two months after his former “spiritual advisor” Carl Lentz was fired from the church for numerous indiscretions. Over the last few months, Bieber has slowly distanced himself from Hillsong, but it was only this week that he confirmed he had left that church for another.

In an Instagram story, Bieber showed a screenshot of a Page Six article alleging that Bieber is studying to become a minister. Bieber wrote over the screenshot, “IM NOT STUDYING TO BE A MINISTER OR ANYTHING EVEN CLOSE TO THAT. I HAVE NO DESIRE FOR THAT THIS IS FAKE NEWS”

In a following slide, Bieber confirmed, once and for all, that he is fully done with Hillsong. “AND BTW HILLSONG IS NOT MY CHURCH,” he wrote. “FOR CLARITY I AM A PART OF CHURCHOME”

What Does ‘Churchome’ Mean? What Type of Church Is Churchome?

Like Hillsong, Churchome is a Christian church with satellite locations all over the country. The name’s meaning can be taken quite literally, according to the website.

“Our name, ‘Churchome,’ reflects our belief that we are going to be a church that functions like a home, that looks like a home, and that loves like a home,” the site’ explains. “And ultimately, what we experience on earth will look a lot like heaven.”

The full explanation reads,

Luke 15 has become a hallmark passage for our community. The idea and concept of home is centric in scripture. It is the idea that every human is a sojourner and he/she is returning home. Home is not so much brick and mortar, an actual space or room. Home is a place and a posture our soul discovers in Jesus—where the created returns to a loving relationship with the Creator. Bringing people home is what God does. Whether prodigals or prodigies, artists or intellectuals, rebels or rejects, God’s arms are open to all.

While Hillsong is known as a megachurch, Churchome prides itself on creating a more intimate experience. “We are a small church with a lot of people,” the site says. “The point is not about having a big church. The point is building a community of big-hearted people willing to love and help anybody.”

Bieber Has Been Sharing Messages of Christian Love on Instagram Recently

Though Bieber hasn’t said much about his new church on social media, he has been sharing numerous messages of Christian love on his Instagram page in recent weeks. In one post, he wrote, “THE CREATOR OF THE OCEAN AND THE MOUNTAINS ALSO CREATED YOU! YOU ARE A PART OF THE PLAN, YOUR LIFE MATTERS, HE SEES YOU!”

In another post, he wrote, “What we believe about ourselves is often times a reflection of how we feel god looks at us.. when the creator of the universe designed everything he made you. He thought of you! He made you with a plan and a purpose. You are not a mistake. You are his obsession and he will spend everyday tugging at your heart until you see him for who he is.”

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