Would Chance the Rapper Work with Justin Bieber In the Future?

Chance the Rapper

Getty Chance the Rapper and Justin Bieber performing at Coachella Music Festival in 2014.

Chance the Rapper and Justin Bieber struck gold with their recent collaboration on the song “Holy.” The song opened at number three on Billboard’s Hot 100, making it the third collaboration between the two performers to become a top ten single. For that reason, it’s no surprise that Chance plans to continue collaborating with Bieber in the future.

Chance recently provided some insight into his relationship with Bieber, which he calls “special,” and offered the origin story for how the hit song “Holy” came to be.

Chance the Rapper Would Definitely Work With Bieber Again

During a recent appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Chance the Rapper confirmed that he would love to work with Bieber in the future. He also explained how their latest collaboration, “Holy,” came to be.

“He [Justin] hit me up,” Chance explained, “and I was thinking he was calling me about our other song ‘I’m the One’ [by DJ Khaled featuring Quavo and Lil Wayne] ’cause it’s getting close to being a diamond record at this point. So I thought he was calling me to update me on sales. He’s calling me about another record. He’s like, ‘Yo, I got this brand new song. I don’t care about the old records. I want to make another song.’ I was like, ‘All right, I’m down to make as many as you want.'”

The Chicago-based rapper went on, “So we made another one, this ‘Holy’ record. It was really special to me because me and Justin are close. We’re a year apart, we got married at the same age, kind of like gone through a lot of the stuff together. And the song was about our relationship with our wives, our relationship with our faith. And it’s cool ’cause I think it seems to be connecting with a lot of people. So I think this is definitely one of the most special records that we’ve made.”

Chance the Rapper Is Dropping a Holiday Album with Jeremih

Chance the Rapper isn’t just down to collaborate with Bieber. He also has another highly anticipated collaboration about to release: a full holiday album with Jeremih, who has been in the news over the last few weeks due to his coronavirus-related hospitalization. Jeremih, 33, was hospitalized in the ICU and put on a ventilator, per TMZ, but he has since been released from the hospital, and is said to be in good health.

“Merry Christmas Lil Mama: The Gift That Keeps on Giving” is a joint holiday album by the two rappers. It releases on December 11. According to Variety, the album includes two new songs called “The Return” and “Who’s to Say,” along with songs from their previous holiday mixtapes, the “Merry Christmas Lil Mama” volumes one and two.

In the announcement for the upcoming album, the performers referenced Jeremih’s battle with coronavirus. Per the New York Post, the announcement reads,

“To celebrate and express a moment of gratefulness for Jeremih’s recovery on December 4, Chance and Jeremih started to liven up the Holiday season with the release of their Christmas track ‘Are U Live’ from the album (which was recorded, and the video was filmed, in 2017). The special collection of songs is a gift to the fans celebrating the Holidays and New Year and will be available for the first-time ever across all streaming platforms.”

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