K9 Masks on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

K9 Mask Shark Tank


Entrepreneurs Kirby Holmes and Evan Daugherty took their company, K9 Masks, to the Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank to see if they could score a deal from one of the investors.

The company founders were able to pitch their products to longtime Sharks Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, and Laurie Greiner as well as sometimes Guest Shark Blake Mycoskie.

The masks were created in order to protect the canine community from air pollution, especially in the cases of wildfires and toxic smoke. The masks are available on the company’s website starting at $47.20.

Here’s what you should know about K9 Masks on Shark Tank: 

1. Founders Kirby Holmes and Evan Daugherty are Cousins

K9 masks is a family-run and created business first started by Kirby Holmes, and he later brought on his cousin Evan to join him on the team to solve the issue they saw when it came to pets still having to go outside in poor air quality with no filtration system.

“We spent months developing prototypes and doing product testing,” the website reads.

They finished creating the product at the beginning of 2019, but they still had to find a way to fund it.

2. The Company Was First Funded on Kickstarter

In March 2019, the company launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to crowdfund the business and starting products.

The campaign had a goal to raise $10,000, and it reached that goal with 175 total backers raising $10,725 total. People pledging their money had the choice between 12 tiers, with the majority of them choosing to pledge between $39 and $44.

In return for their pledges, backers received K9 Dog Pollution Masks, stickers, and replaceable air filters.

3. The Mask is Said to Protect Dogs From Toxic Air

According to the Kickstarter campaign, the K9 Dog Masks are meant to protect dogs from different types of toxins in the environment.

The mask is said to protect dogs from “vehicle emissions, industrial smog, dust, chemicals and toxins, mold and bacteria, oral allergies, volcanic ash and red tide.”

The mask is the first air filter mask made for dogs, the Kickstarter page states. The mask is marketed for domestic family pets, service dogs, search and rescue dogs as well as police and military dogs.

4. The Founders Are Co-Owners of Good Air Team LLC

The two founders are the co-owners of Good Air Team LLC, according to PR Newswire. The company is based in Austin, Texas and markets products to pet owners.

“Anytime a person needs to wear an air filter mask, a dog in the same environment needs to be protected,” Holmes said, according to a press release. “People and their pets need to be better protected from extreme air polution.”

He continued, “Wildfires in places like California that last several years have unfortunately become the new normal. Finding solutions to air pollution problems, like wildfire smoke, is the number one goal of the Good Air team. We are empowering dog owners with new solutions to protect their pet’s health.”

5. The Mask is Adjustable for Different Dog Sizes

The K9 mask is designed to fit a dog’s snout, but it’s adjustable to fit various breeds by changing the neck and muzzle strap sizes.

The filters in the mask are replaceable and have four layers of filtration, according to a press release.

“Using an exhaust valve, panting dogs can release hot exhaled air from the mask,” the press release reads. The mask is also washable and works as a muzzle for dogs of all sizes.

Tune in to ABC’s Shark Tank to see if the company can get a deal from one or more of the sharks.

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