Did Kris Jenner Get Caught ‘Drunk as a Skunk?’

E! Khloe Kardashian dressed head-to-toe like momager Kris Jenner, photo courtesy of E!

Kris Jenner thought she had the ultimate publicity nightmare on the season 19 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians when she discovered apparent paparazzi photos of herself blackout drunk. Little did she know that Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Scott Disick were pulling the ultimate prank on the momager. Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick still hadn’t forgotten about their failed prank with Jenner last season, so they were ready for round two.

Khloe Kardashian dressed up as Jenner last season and ate fast food, littered, and smoked a cigarette. Disick followed along helping with the photo shoot. But Kardashian and Disick didn’t think Jenner would actually fall for it. So if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

Disick and Kardashian needed to get it right this time, so the two created a bullet-proof plan. The two detailed their prank step-by-step.

Step 1: Get Kris Jenner Belligerently Drunk

Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and boyfriend Corey Gamble all went out for a seemingly normal dinner. But Khloe Kardashian admitted that she had a different idea in mind. “Right now the plan is to get her belligerently drunk so she blacks out and doesn’t remember tonight,” Kardashian said in an interview.

Khloe Kardashian ordered a martini and begged Jenner to follow in her footsteps. But secretly, the whole dinner, Kardashian sipped on a water in a martini glass while encouraging Jenner to order martini after martini. “Mom thinks it’s my first time ever having a martini,” Khloe said in an interview.

Before long, it’s fair to say Kardashian achieved her goal. Jenner has downed one too many dirty martinis, she’s nonstop hysterically laughing, and joking about her shrimp cocktail farting. “Corey’s gonna get laid tonight,” Kardashian laughed. “Or she’s going to pass out tonight,” Kim chimed in. “I’m so tired,” Jenner admitted before she laid down on Khloe’s lap. “Are you – mom, what is going on?” Khloe joked, knowing her master plan is working.

Step 2: Transform into Kris Jenner

Khloe, Kim, and Scott aren’t the only ones involved in the ultimate prank. Kim reached out to Jenner’s assistant Matthew to help out. “As soon as my mom gets home tonight, and she’s drunk and throwing her clothes all over the floor or whatever, to get all of her stuff, throw it in a trash bag and Kim will get it to me and I will be in the Kris Jenner outfit from my toes to my jewelry,” Khloe admitted during an interview. “It’s going to look so perfect that she won’t know if it’s her or the imposter,” Khloe laughs.

Assistant Matthew succeeded in his mission, and he gave Khloe Jenner’s clothes from the night of dinner. The next night, Disick ventured to Khloe’s house and asked how dinner went. While Kardashian told him about Jenner’s drunken antics, she revealed her head-to-toe Kris Jenner transformation.

“Pranks continue my friend,” Scott noted in an interview. Kardashian sported Jenner’s exact outfit, her jewelry, her makeup look, and even the legendary Jenner wig.

Step 3: Stage Paparazzi Photos

InstagramKardashian posed as Jenner

With Kardashian dolled up in full Jenner attire, she and Disick wander off to conduct a photo shoot. Disick directed the photo shoot, even saying, “I feel like I’m Spielberg out there shooting this s***,” Scott quipped to the KUWTK camera. “I mean, I’m killing it. I’m getting every angle, I’m putting together a movie.”

E!Kardashian posing as Jenner, photo courtesy of E!

Kardashian posed in every drunk position imaginable – from climbing into a dumpster to fake vomiting out the side of the dumpster to hiding behind a liquor store sign. They ended the photo shoot with Kardashian holding a handle of vodka in the dumpster as if she had just won a first-place trophy.

Step 4: Send Photos to Jenner’s Trusted Publicist


Kardashian and Disick decided that if they sent the photos to Jenner themselves, she wouldn’t believe them for a second. So instead, they involved Jenner’s publicist Christy Welder to frantically call Kris and warn her about photos from paparazzi. While on her way to Kardashian’s house with boyfriend Gamble, Jenner answered Welder’s call.

Welder warned Jenner that TMZ obtained photos of Jenner outside a Malibu liquor store. After Welder sent her the photos, Jenner was in disbelief. She showed them to Gamble (Kardashian and Disick told him about the prank earlier) and Gamble confirmed that yes, those photos are of Jenner. Gamble played it off like a true actor and told Jenner that they stopped on their way home to go to the bathroom, and she didn’t listen to him when he told her to stay in the car. “Well that was a mistake,” Jenner told him.

Jenner admitted in an interview that, “I know I was really tipsy and I had a lot to drink, but I always rely on Corey. I couldn’t have any more security, and yet somebody has photos of me, drunk as a skunk at a pit stop that we apparently made.”

Step 5: Come Clean

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Happy Birthday to my special bunny @khloekardashian!!! I hope you have so much sparkle in your day today my beautiful girl… you are an amazing daughter, sister, auntie friend and confidant and you are the entire world to your precious daughter True!!!!!! What a spectacular Mommy you are!!! I am beyond proud of you for all you are and how you are the most loving caring and generous soul with a smile that lights up every room you walk into… you always lift all of us up and are everyone’s greatest cheerleader. Thank you for being such a light in my life and such a huge part of my heart… I love you my bunny what a blessing you are!!!! Oh and did I mention you are gorgeous inside and out???? I love you.. Mommy 💕🙏

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When Jenner and Gamble arrived at Kardashian’s home a few minutes later, Jenner obviously appeared anxious and in distress. Disick and Kardashian kept begging Jenner to open up about what was wrong, but Jenner kept telling them everything was fine. “It just turned really, really bad really soon,” Kardashian revealed in an interview. “So, we have to confess and come clean.”

Kardashian and Disick then pretended to receive the drunken Jenner photos and asked if it was her. Jenner becomes even more worried when Disick asked, “How could you not remember it?”

But Kardashian and Disick reveal their master plan to Jenner before she has a full-on freakout. At first, Jenner still believed the photos were real and that Disick and Kardashian were just messing with her. After quite a few moments of confusion and computing, Jenner said, “Wow, wow! I honestly don’t like you guys anymore.”

The episode ended with Disick and Kardashian encouraging Jenner to take the prank a step further. Jenner then begins to call daughter Kim – who was also in on the prank but didn’t know Disick and Kardashian came clean – and tells her that she’s decided to check into rehab. Next Thursday can’t come soon enough…

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