Reddit Users Explode Over Kim Kardashian’s Latest Skims Release

Kim Kardashian

Getty Kim Kardashian poses in 2019.

Reality television star Kim Kardashian branched out into the world of shapewear in 2019 when she started her brand Skims. The company also offers underwear, casual clothing, and loungewear. On January 11, the official Skims Instagram account revealed a new collection will be released on January 14. The Instagram post included two pictures of Kardashian wearing a faux leather long-sleeved bodysuit and matching bike shorts. 

“COMING SOON: Faux Leather – the sleek collection that’s ready to take your winter wardrobe up a notch. Drops Friday January 14 at 9AM PT / 12PM ET in sizes XXS – 4X,” read a portion of the post’s caption.

On January 11, a Reddit user shared the picture of Kardashian, along with images of the other items from the faux leather collection, including a bralette, a scoop-neck bodysuit, a tube top, a crew neck bodysuit, and bootcut pants on the “KUWTK” subreddit. The commenter requested Kardashian fans to share their opinions on the latest Skims launch. 

Many Reddit Users Shared Their Opinions on the New Skims Collection

The Reddit post has over 400 comments with many social media users noting that they are not fans of the faux leather Skims collection. Quite a few commenters expressed confusion as to who was purchasing these products. 

“I just cannot think of 1 person I know that would wear this. It would be soooooo uncomfortable and NOT at all hot [fire emoji] enough to deal with that level of uncomfy. I mean people have to pee. Gosh!” wrote one commenter

“I don’t want to be overly negative, but who is this for? Commercial fashion should be functional and stylish. Skims initially had that premise, and I thought that was what they were going for with their loungewear. This seems like a weird deviation from what I usually picture their brand to be,” added another

“I think she mistook people liking this look FOR her as wanting to dress LIKE her. But I agree where the hell would you even wear this?” chimed in a third Reddit user

“Imagine picking your kids up from school in this lol,” quipped a fourth person.

Some commenters also shared that they did not find the collection aesthetically pleasing. 

“why did they put a panty line on the bike shorts,” asked a social media user. 

“ugly af she needs to slow down and think about what she’s pushing [crying emoji],” added a different person

“This is bad imo and they need to stop doing drops every 3 days. I know some of the girls are really gonna think they’re doing something when they pop out in this and I’m dreading it, why would you wanna wear boot cut pants with an underwear impression on it?” agreed another

A different commenter wrote, “Besides the fact that it looks uncomfortable AF it’s ugly as hell. Like literally it’s so tacky.”

“That is tacky. The purposely done underwear line is weird to me,” agreed a different person

Kardashian Has Stated That Skims Is an Inclusive Brand 

In a September 2019 interview with E! News, Kardashian spoke about Skims. She shared that she wanted her brand to have products for people with varying skin tones and body sizes. The mother-of-four explained that she used to have to dye her shapewear to match her skin tone. 

“We just have everything that I haven’t seen in the marketplace. I’ve always seen shapewear brands start at an extra small and go up to 3x, so I made sure we did a double extra small to a 4X and in some pieces a 5X,” shared the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star. 

She went on to say that she felt it was necessary to make her company inclusive. 

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