Kathryn Dennis Accused of Leaking False Cheating Rumors

NBCUMV Kathryn Dennis denied spreading cheating rumors.

Bravo’s Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has been accused of leaking false cheating rumors against fellow co-star Cameran Eubanks and her husband Jason Wimberly. Earlier this year in May, AllAboutTheTea.com alleged that Wimberly had been having an affair behind Eubanks’ back and Dennis was going to expose the affair. The site added that Eubanks decided to leave Southern Charm when she discovered the producers wanted to include the affair in season 7.

Eubanks set the record straight a few hours after the story published. The 36-year-old mom posted a statement on her Instagram on May 13. “It has come to my attention that insidious rumors are now spreading and fake articles being written…some of which pertain to my marriage,” Eubanks wrote in her statement.

Eubanks added that she stands by her husband. “What upsets me the most is that my husband, who is the most sincere and faithful human I know, is being falsely dragged into this,” she wrote. “It disgusts me. He always supported me filming the show even though he wanted no part of the spotlight.”

AllAboutTheTea.com also claimed that Eubanks broke off her friendship with Dennis when she discovered Dennis would expose the affair on camera. “Cameran was devastated when she found out that the show was planning to do this,” a source told AllAboutTheTea.com. She knows about the other woman but was handling it privately off camera. And the fact that Kathryn Dennis of all people would hurt her was a double blow.” Eubanks unfollowed Dennis on Instagram, but Dennis still follows Eubanks.

Kathryn Dennis Defended Herself

The 29-year old mom stayed quiet for a few days after the allegations until she couldn’t, “stand it anymore.” Dennis posted a lengthy statement on her Instagram story four days after the story was published, as recored by People.

“I’ve been quiet since all this started and told not to post anything but I can’t stand it anymore,” she wrote. “Y’all have to know that this whole thing has been blown out of context. I’m freakin heartbroken and SO depressed because the way I’m being portrayed is totally not true!!!”

Dennis added, “I’m not gonna let that happen. Never have, never will. I’m making a full statement tomorrow but I had to respond bc I cannot stand my character being annihilated. Please just be patient and know this s*** is just not true.”

Jason Wimberly’s Alleged Mistress Denied the Affair

Rebecca Wash — a makeup artist in Charleston, South Carolina — was the woman accused of being Jason Wimberly’s alleged mistress, according to AllAboutTheTea.com. Shortly after the story was published, Wash denied all accusations made against her.

Wash broke her silence via Instagram, as reported by People. “I have been wrongfully accused of having a relationship with the husband of [Cameran Eubanks] of Southern Charm,” Wash wrote on Instagram. She added she had, “never met [Jason Wimberly] or Cameran in my life.”

Wash then added that she believed the source of the rumors was Kathryn Dennis. “The allegations that this rumor was started by Kathryn Dennis are even more hurtful,” Wash wrote, as recorded by People. “I met Kathryn one time in July 2018 when I did her makeup for a photoshoot for a local clothing store. I have not seen or spoken to Kathryn since. I have only known her in my limited interaction in a professional capacity, and to suggest that I am somehow associated with these allegations is dumbfounding, hurtful, and malicious.”

The Charleston hairdresser stated that the rumors shocked her. She wrote, “These hurtful accusations are blatant unfounded lies that have shaken me to my core. I am not a religious follower of Southern Charm, but as a makeup artist and resident of the Charleston area, it is impossible to not know who the cast of the show is. I have never laid eyes or interacted with Jason Wimberly, Cameran, or anyone in their beautiful family other than on television.”

She ended the statement writing, “I am so sorry to the Wimberly family that someone would cut so low as to attack the core tenant of anyone’s life – their family.”

Eubanks follows Wash on Instagram and re-posted the statement to her own Instagram story. “It is so sad that this kind, beautiful and innocent girl had to be drug into the mud,” Eubanks added in her caption, as recorded by People. “I signed up for this by being on TV. She didn’t. Rebecca Wash is the victim here.”

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