Is KFC & Popeyes Open on Labor Day 2021? Hours & Menu Specials

kfc popeyes open closed labor day 2021

Getty A sign advertises a chicken sandwich to drive-thru customers at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on May 06, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois./A 'Now Hiring' sign is posted in front of a Popeye's restaurant on February 04, 2021 in Miami, Florida.

Happy Labor Day! If you’re craving fried chicken today, you’re in luck. KFC and Popeyes are both open at most store locations.

Holiday Shopping Hours reported that both fast food restaurants are open on major holidays, which includes Labor Day 2021. They have also expanded their menu options and are offering specials and deals today.

Here’s what you need to know:

Popeyes Added Chicken Nuggets to Their Menu & They Are Offering a Deal for First-Time Online Orders

Popeyes restaurants nationwide added chicken nuggets to their menu July 27, 2021, according to a Popeyes press release.

“Popeyes® looks to reset guests’ standards with these Chicken Nuggets, as they are freshly prepared beginning to end in restaurant everyday- seasoned to perfection, hand-battered and breaded in buttermilk, and fried up fresh to deliver a classically flavorful crispy and juicy bite with every piece,” the press release says.

The press release said that they use a special formula of flour and batter to make their chicken nuggets perfectly crispy.

“Just like our game changing Chicken Sandwich, our new Chicken Nuggets are unlike anything you may have experienced before. We aim to show the world once again the magic of Popeyes® chicken with our new Nuggets. We believe that these piece(s) of crunchy, juicy delicious chicken will have guests question how they ever enjoyed chicken nuggets before this.” said Sami Siddiqui, President, Popeyes® Americas, according to the press release.

Popeyes is offering a special deal for those who make their first purchase online. Any first-time delivery order with a $10 minimum purchase includes a free chicken sandwich. Customers can choose either a classic or spicy chicken sandwich, the website says.

KFC’s Parent Company Recently Announced Plans to Use More Cage-Free Eggs

Yum! Brands, the parent company of KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut, recently announced that it would be using more cage-free eggs in its recipes, according to USA Today. The 25,000 restaurants will shift policies and plan to use only cage-free eggs by 2026, the article said.

The announcement came as a part of the brand’s updated animal welfare policy.

“In some regions, cage-free supply is currently limited and there is not yet a clear path for the availability of sourcing,” the company’s updated policy reads. “We will continue to collect data and work with suppliers and industry partners to make progress across the global egg supply chain.”

Yum! Brands also operates The Habit Burger Grill and WingStreet. By the start of 2023, they aim for at least 25% of their eggs to come from cage-free hens, half by the beginning of 2024 and 75% at the beginning of 2025.

“We support improvements in animal welfare that are evidence-based and supported by science and research. We will continue to rely heavily on our Animal Welfare Advisory Council as created in 2003 and value external experts and partners as critical to our learning and improvement,” the policy says. “The Council led efforts to align on core values on animal welfare globally, creating audit documents and policies that address issues of well-being and establish an environment that assure continuous improvement. We value third party reviews and independent evaluations.”

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