KFC & Popeyes Thanksgiving Day 2021 Hours: Are They Open?

kfc popeyes open closed labor day 2021

Getty A sign advertises a chicken sandwich to drive-thru customers at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on May 06, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois./A 'Now Hiring' sign is posted in front of a Popeye's restaurant on February 04, 2021 in Miami, Florida.

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re not cooking up a holiday feast in 2021, you might be wondering if KFC or Popeyes is open.

Thanksgiving is the holiday that’s all about gratitude, and this year, fried chicken might be a great place to start. Popeyes restaurant is open today, Thursday, November 25, 2021, but KFC will be closed.

Here’s what you need to know:

KFC Locations Will Be Closed on Thanksgiving Day 2021

KFC locations will be closed on Thanksgiving Day 2021, according to Elite Daily.

“Most of KFC’s nationwide locations will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 25, according to a KFC spokesperson. On the off-chance you can celebrate the day with fried chicken, it’s a good idea to check with your local KFC restaurant to confirm its holiday opening hours,” the outlet reported.

You can find the KFC location near you here. Give them a call to see if they are open.

Meanwhile, KFC is celebrating “Friedsgiving,” the fast food restaurant wrote on its Twitter page.

“Friedsgiving is about plenty, bounty, and ‘a lot,'” KFC wrote on Twitter. “We don’t know what a hearth is, but we bet it hearths so good to look at this exquisite chicken without being able to eat it this second.”

KFC announced the first day of Friedsgiving on its Twitter page November 21, 2021.

“Today we celebrate the first day of Friedsgiving, a tastier rebrand of Friendsgiving, which is a hip rebrand of Thanksgiving which is a formal rebrand of dinner. All this branding’s making us hungry. Pass the chicken,” KFC wrote on Twitter.

Popeyes Will Be Open on Thanksgiving & Serving Up Cajun Turkey

The Takeout reported that Popeyes will be open on Thanksgiving, and they have a special to celebrate the holiday: Cajun turkey.

“If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, some restaurants are mixing up their everyday menus to include turkey, cranberries, and other Thanksgiving flavors. Bahama Breeze is serving up an Island Style Turkey Dinner; Popeyes is serving up whole Cajun Style Turkeys; and Golden Corral is offering a Holiday feast complete with roasted turkey, spiced ham, cornbread stuffing, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, and candy cane cheesecake or chocolate candy cane cake,” the outlet reported.

The offer is available for pre-orders, which began October 18, according to Delish. The Cajun-style turkey is prepared in advance, and after pickup, just heat it up at home, the outlet reported.

“All the work is already done. The outside is rubbed in a blend of paprika, red pepper, garlic, and onion before being marinated in a Creole butter. The only thing you’ll be in charge of is defrosting and reheating it,” Delish reported. “If you can’t be bothered with the side dishes either, you can order mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and biscuits so your whole meal is covered.”

Popeyes is also serving up family meals including chicken tenders, according to their website. If it’s your first time ordering from Popeyes for a delivery or mobile order, you’re eligible for a free chicken sandwich with a $10 minimum purchase, the website said. Now that’s something to be grateful for.

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