Father’s Day 2021: Top 10 Last Minute Ideas

Fathers Day 2021 gift ideas

Getty Fathers Day is on Sunday, June 20 this year.

Father’s Day is coming up and it’s time to celebrate the father figures in your life. But shopping for dads can be a challenge.

If the holiday snuck up on you this year, worry not. Here’s a list of the top 10 best gifts to grab, or craft, last-minute. Whether you’re shopping for your dad, stepdad, grandfather, father-in-law, or husband, this list will have something for you.

#1: DIY Shaving Cream


Put a personal twist on a Father’s Day classic and make your own shaving cream! All you’ll need is shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, and a couple of fragrant essential oils, such as rosemary and peppermint.

Once you’re finished making the shaving cream, scoop it into a glass jar. You can even decorate the jar and lid for more of a personal touch.

Check out the complete instructions on Food for My Family.

#2: Customized Bottle Stoppers

Elevate your dad’s wine or liquor collection with bottle stoppers made by yours truly! With just a small wooden block (can be found at most craft stores), a wooden cork, super glue, wood finish, and paint, you can fashion some truly unique bottle stoppers for your dad.

Paint the design of your choice on the wooden block and give it a wood finish glaze. Then, glue the block onto the cork and you’re done! You can also create designs with a wood-burning kit, as shown on A Beautiful Mess.

#3: Masterclass Subscription

There’s no need to wait for this gift to be delivered! Give your dad the gift of knowledge this year with a MasterClass subscription. The platform offers courses taught by masters in their respective fields in a variety of categories including writing, business, and technology.

You can learn about cooking from Gordon Ramsay or acting from Natalie Portman. MasterClass is currently offering a buy one membership, get one free for dad promotion.

#4: Audible Subscription

If your dad is a bookworm, this is the perfect gift for him. An Audible subscription allows your dad to stream a wide selection of audiobooks and exclusive podcasts.

Recently added titles include “Finnegans Wake” by James Joyce and “David Copperfield” by Charles Dickens.

#5: Monthly Watch Subscription


Why get your dad one watch when you can get him a new watch every month?! With WatchGang, a new watch is sent to your dad’s door every month. You pick a plan that works for your budget and your dad’s taste.

Plus, your dad will have a chance to win a Rolex, TAG Heuer, and Seiko watch every week.

#6: DIY Painted Golf Tees

For a quick and easy DIY gift that kids can help with, try painting your own golf tees! Use dad’s favorite colors or get extra crafty with some glitter.

Dad is guaranteed to be the most stylish golfer on the green.

#7: Scrabble Tile Coaster


All you’ll need for this easy craft is an X-Acto knife, cork tile, Krazy glue, and Scrabble letters (if you don’t want to ruin your Scrabble game, you can find faux letters at most craft stores).

Simply cut the cork tile into 4×4 pieces, glue scrabble letters on, and voila! You can spell out a message for your dad or just keep the letters random.

#8: DIY Map Keychain

Is there a town or city that holds a special place in your dad’s heart (his hometown, his college town, etc.)? Why not pay homage to that special place with a DIY map keychain?!

You’ll need a small rock or pebble, a keychain ring, matte mod podge, paint primer and varnish, a sponge, and a map. The full Pillar Box Blue tutorial explains how to create this truly special gift.

#9: DIY Lego Picture Frame

Give an old picture frame a new life with some paint, a popsicle stick, and Legos! If your kids have Legos laying around, this gift is perfect for you. First, decorate an old picture frame with paint, markers, or anything else you have around the house.

Then, write a message to dad on a popsicle stick. You can paint and decorate the popsicle stick as well. Next, glue two Lego people onto the bottom edges of the frame. Then, glue the popsicle stick onto their arms, as if they are holding a sign.

Place your favorite picture of dad with family inside the frame!

#10: Beer Bouquet

Who says dads can’t get a bouquet of roses?! Craft these adorable paper roses using Unoriginal Mom’s tutorial. Then, add the roses to the tops of your dad’s favorite beers.

For an extra special touch, arrange the beer bouquet in a nice basket.

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