How Lifetime’s ‘A Date with Danger’ Ends

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Lifetime’s ‘Summer of Secrets’ is coming to a close. The “From crime scene to movie screen” summer’s programming has had an exciting run. “Cellmate Secrets” was one of the new shows Lifetime introduced for the thrilling summer, along with movies like “A Date with Danger.” But just because the summer is ending, doesn’t mean you have to give up your action-packed content.

According to Lifetime, “A Date with Danger” the plot is as follows, “Single mom Nikki (Chorostecki) is looking for a fresh start in a new town when she meets fellow single mom, Liz (Paul). They immediately hit it off, with Liz giving Nikki a job at her boutique. Nikki aspires to be as self-sufficient as Liz and takes all her advice, especially when Liz warns Nikki about Gavin (Spilchuk), the local cafe shop owner whom Nikki has been dating. After Liz points out several questionable traits about Gavin, Nikki decides to take a pause on her relationship with him. But when Liz suddenly goes missing, and Gavin starts to behave suspiciously, Nikki wonders if the man she’s fallen for is the same person who took Liz, determined to remove anyone from Nikki’s life who threatens their relationship.”

Meet the Cast

Lara Jean Chorostecki, known for her role in Netflix’s Designated Survivor, stars as Nikki alongside Lifetime movie regular, Jamie Spilchuk, who puts the ‘danger’ in “A Date with Danger.” The two have a date planned, but Liz, Ipsita Paul, known for her time on The Handmaid’s Tale, begins noticing red flags, serving as the protective voice of reason.

The star studded cast does not disappoint with this thrilling film. Though this movie is not based on real life, the manipulative and abusive behavior Gavin displays, is all too familiar of an experience for some. Gavin portrays himself as the perfect man for any woman, when in reality it is a curated facade he has created in order to lure women in.

“A Date with Danger” Is Not a Real- But Narcissism Is


The movie explores the dangers of unchecked narcissism. According to Psyche, narcissism is more than self absorbance, “But there’s a difference between everyday selfishness and real narcissism – and there’s a distinction between a normal personality trait and the harmful, rare personality disorder…For instance, we tend to think of narcissists as brash, flashy people who take over a conversation, but new studies have shown that insecure narcissists exist as well. They’re still self-involved and self-focused but are more hidden from public view.”

Spilchuk’s character is eerily familiar to characters like Travis Bickle in “Taxi Driver,” or Alex Forrest in “Fatal Attraction.” All of these characters are great examples of toxic traits that have been at the forefront of pop culture, like Joe Goldberg in the Netflix show “You.”

The ending is not what every viewer would expect. After much back and forth between Gavin and Nikki’s ex-husband, Dan, as well as lots of deep conversations between Liz and Nikki, Gavin loses it. He beats Dan, planning to kill him, then begins to start his work on the murder of his ex-flame, Liz. Nikki sneakily tracks behind Gavin, locking him in a closet. Through the door, Gavin begs Nikki to forgive him and explain how they can start a family. Liz has broken free and begins to sneak up on Gavin, swings and misses, but Nikki whacks him with a frying pan. Everyone is safe, and Gavin gets dragged away by the cops. The new dark thriller is now streaming on Lifetime.

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