Is Lifetime Movie ‘Murder on Maple Drive’ a True Story?

Lifetime Murder on Maple Drive

Getty New homeowners pay the price for buying a discounted home with a dark past in the Lifetime movie "Murder on Maple Drive."

A chilling new Lifetime movie, “Murder on Maple Drive”, premiered last night at 8 PM EST. The film follows a married couple who buy the house of their dreams at a discounted price.

Situated in an upper-class neighborhood, the house is on sale for a reason: a murder-suicide occurred there. But the past is the past, right? Not exactly. The new homeowners begin to suspect that their new friend and neighbor may have been involved in the murders.

Many Lifetime movies are based upon real events. This is not the case with “Murder on Maple Drive.” However, it poses some very real questions. Would you live in a house where something horrible happened? And how well can you really know your neighbors?

Here’s what you need to know about the film and where to watch it in case you missed last night’s premiere.

Meet the Cast

Bea Santos and Sebastian Roberts play the unsuspecting married couple who move onto Maple Drive. Santos’s other television credits include “The Hardy Boys” and “Murdoch Mysteries.” Roberts was recently seen in the Lifetime movie “Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story.”

Both Santos and Roberts are Canadian natives.

How to Watch ‘Murder on Maple Drive’ Online

If you missed the July 25 premiere, it’s not too late to watch “Murder on Maple Drive.” If you have cable, you can watch it on the Lifetime website, but you’ll have to log in with your TV provider information.

The streaming service Philo includes all Lifetime content as well as sixty other channels. Philo offers a seven-day free trial. You can also watch Lifetime originals via Sling TV. Your first month costs just $10.

The film will air again on Lifetime on July 31 at 6 PM EST.

Don’t Miss the Newest Lifetime Original Movies

You’re Not Safe Here” premieres Saturday, July 31 at 8 PM EST. The film follows Ava, who runs away from her abusive boyfriend while pregnant with his child. On her way to her sister’s house, she swerves off the road and is taken in by a friendly wealthy couple who live in a remote wooded area.

But when Ava begins to realize that the couple’s intentions for her unborn baby are sinister, will it be too late to escape? “You’re Not Safe Here” stars Haskiri Velasquez, Cleo Anthony, and Nicky Whelan.

Waking Up to Danger” premieres Sunday, August 1 at 8 PM EST. Donna Benedicto stars as a young mother who wakes up from a horrible accident with significant gaps in her memory. She begins to suspect that her husband is to blame for her accident and her memory loss. Could her whole family be in grave danger?

The film also stars Erin Kathleen Boyes and Hamza Fouad.

Other Lifetime Movies Based on True Stories

Lifetime released seven crime dramas based on true stories earlier in the summer as part of the “Summer of Secrets” lineup.

The film titles were “A Party Gone Wrong”, “Gone Mom”, “Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story”, “Secrets of a Gold Digger Killer”, “Secrets of a Marine’s Wife”, “Cradle Did Fall“, and “Doomsday Mom.” All the films can be watched on the Lifetime website, Philo, and Sling TV.

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