Johnny’s ‘Unfiltered’ Comment About Bao Worries ‘Married at First Sight’ Fans

Bao and Johnny

Lifetime Bao and Johnny on MAFS.

Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight” season 13 is underway, and many fans are rooting for Bao and Johnny’s marriage. But a comment that Johnny made about Bao during a recent “Unfiltered” episode has left fans worried.

Johnny Said That Kissing Bao Was Like Kissing His Sister

In the “Unfiltered” episode, Johnny revealed that kissing Bao felt platonic, kind of like kissing his sister. You can watch a clip of that moment below.

He said:

We need to realize that we’re married. The kisses feel very platonic. This is really weird to say, but it kind of felt like kissing my sister… But, I think, that’s what the experts are here for and building intimacy, spending more time together, romantic moments, I think all that can go a long way.

On the MAFS Fans Instagram page, which shares spoilers for the show, fans expressed concern about Johnny’s comments.

One viewer replied: “Once you go sis level you can’t move up from that. Dang.”

Another viewer wrote: “Bao is in her own way. Johnny’s comments are not surprising to me.”

Another viewer observed: “I’m not too surprised by Johnny’s statement. Bao did try to kick him out the bed the second night lol.”

Another viewer wrote: “It seems that Johnny is not feeling the “special things” when kissing Bao. Will end up in a family type relationship not a marriage. So sad as these two were my favorite couple. 😢”

Bao & Johnny Had Met Years Before Their Wedding

In a surprise twist that was very unlike “Married at First Sight,” Bao and Johnny realized on their wedding day that they had known each other in college. This twist left fans really rooting for the couple, as they discovered more and more ways that their personalities seemed to match. At their wedding, they both even wanted a traditional tea ceremony, and they both separately chose the same colors for the ceremony.

Their conversations have included jokes about how Bao still had a text message that Johnny had sent her years earlier, where he later ghosted her after asking her to hang out. But as was seen during Johnny’s interview for “Unfiltered,” not every moment has been perfect, and sometimes things have been awkward or strained between the two. Still, fans are hoping that this couple makes it and decides to stay together when the season ends.

Here’s Lifetime’s official description about Bao and Johnny:

Bao (35) was born and raised in Texas to Vietnamese refugee parents. Bao never grew up wanting to be married, but in her 30s, she had a change of heart and is open to finding love. She has a lot to offer and is ready for a life partner who measures up. Johnny (35) was born in Houston, TX, raised with his sister, by their hardworking single mother. Having seen the effects of divorce at an early age, Johnny has been very particular in finding a partner. He only wants to marry once and has been holding out for the perfect match. After seven years without success on dating apps he is ready to have the experts take the reins.

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