Lifetime Reveals Fall Schedule of New Movies

Lifetime's fall schedule for 2021.

Lifetime Lifetime's fall schedule for 2021.

Lifetime has officially revealed its full fall schedule of new movies for 2021. The schedule spans from September through early November 2021, concluding shortly before the network’s slate of new Christmas movies kicks off. See the full schedule below.

Here are all the details that Lifetime revealed in its press release.

September 6: ‘Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace’

On September 6, “Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace” premieres at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Sydney Morton and Jordan Dean.

Lifetime’s synopsis for this movie reads:

‘Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace’ explores what really happened inside the palace that drove Harry (Jordan Dean) and Meghan (Sydney Morton) to leave everything behind in order to make a future for themselves and their son Archie. The movie will detail Meghan’s growing isolation and sadness, their disappointment that ‘The Firm’ was not defending them against the press’s attacks and Harry’s fear that history would repeat itself and he would not be able to protect his wife and son from the same forces that may have contributed to his mother’s untimely death. [The movie] will examine the dynamics between Will and Harry, Kate and Meghan, and Harry with Will and Charles, that lead to the ultimate break from the royal ties.

September 18: ‘Imperfect High’

On September 18, “Imperfect High” premieres at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Sherri Shepherd and Nia Sioux.

Lifetime’s synopsis reads:

‘Imperfect High’ is the story of Hanna Brooks (Nia Sioux), the new girl in town who is looking to find her place and fit in at Lakewood High School, which was rocked a couple of years earlier by the shocking drug overdose of a popular student. Hanna suffers from an anxiety disorder and the move to a new school is especially stressful for her. While trying to fit in with the ‘it’ crowd, she finds herself pulled between two boys – a bad boy with a heart of gold, and an alluring, popular rich kid who is not as straight of an arrow as he seems. Her relationship with them sweeps her into a dangerous situation that her mother Deborah (Sherri Shepherd) must fight to save her from. Ali Skovbye (‘Firefly Lane’) also stars.

September 24: ‘Dying to Marry Him’ (Lifetime Movie Club Only)

On September 24, “Dying to Marry Him” premieres. However, this movie isn’t airing on TV. It’s only available on the Lifetime Movie Club. The movie stars Anna Marie Dobbins and Andrea Hickey.

The synopsis reads: “No longer recognizable, Amy returns to her hometown and becomes the wedding planner for her first love with her mind set on getting him back no matter what the cost.”

October 2: ‘The Good Father: The Martin MacNeill Story’

On October 2, “The Good Father” premieres at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Tom Everett Scott, Anwen O’Driscoll, and Charisma Carpenter. It’s executive produced by Nancy Grace and is based on actual events.

Lifetime’s synopsis reads:

[The movie] tells the story of Dr. MacNeill (Tom Everett Scott) and the incredible life he led with his former beauty queen wife, Michele (Charisma Carpenter) and their eight children.  A pillar of the community, he was respected and loved by all especially by his daughter Alexis (Anwen O’Driscoll) who adored him and even wanted to follow in his footsteps to become a doctor.  But everything soon changes after Dr. MacNeill convinces Michele to have plastic surgery, ultimately leading to her drowning while on prescription medication.  Just a few short weeks after his wife’s suspicious death, Dr. MacNeill brings home Gypsy Willis, a new live-in ‘nanny’ for his children but who is in actuality his mistress. Shocked by her father’s actions, Alexis begins to question everything she has known about him and discovers the depth of his lies, including his bogus medical credentials, falsified military records, and that the man and good doctor she once revered, was capable of murder.

October 9: ‘Dying to Belong’

On October 9, “Dying to Belong” premieres at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Shannen Doherty, Favour Onwuka, and Jenika Rose. It’s a remake of the 1997 film with the same name.

Lifetime’s synopsis explains that the movie tells the story of a journalism major (Olivia) who befriends a shy freshman (Riley) who has anxiety. Riley decides to rush as a Pi Gamma Beta to follow in her mom’s footsteps. But Olivia sees the rush as an opportunity to do an undercover story about hazing, and ends up dealing with more than she expected.

October 10: ‘List of a Lifetime’

On October 10, “List of a Lifetime” premieres at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Kelly Hu, Sylvia Kawn, Shannen Doherty, and Patricia Velasquez.

Lifetime’s synopsis reads:

[The movie] follows Brenda Lee (Kelly Hu) who is diagnosed with breast cancer, is prompted to look for the daughter she gave up for adoption decades ago.  After finding Talia (Sylvia Kwan) and sharing her devasting news, Talia convinces Brenda to make a bucket list of everything she wants to do, promising to help her complete everything on the list.  While keeping Brenda a secret from her adoptive parents Diana (Shannen Doherty) and Marty (Jamie Kahler, How I Met Your Mother), Talia grows closer to the mother she never knew. Meanwhile, Brenda discovers a meaningful relationship with Talia she didn’t know she needed, and a reason to fight for her life.

Patricia Velasquez stars as Brenda’s best friend, Meg while Jane Sibbett stars as Brenda’s oncologist, Dr. Elizabeth Boyer. Jim Klock (Underground Railroad) also appears in the film as Brenda’s supervisor, Kevin and Chad Lindberg (The Fast and the Furious) plays Brenda’s boyfriend, Mike.

Lifetime explains that this movie is part of its “Broader Focus” initiative that “champions women in key production roles.”

October 16: ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’

On October 16, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” premieres at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Heather Locklear and Natasha Bure and is executive produced by Meghan McCain and Kris Carlson.

Lifetime’s synopsis reads:

Kristine Carlson (Heather Locklear) and her husband Dr. Richard Carlson (Jason MacDonald) had an amazing life with their two daughters. But when Richard tragically passes away, Kristine is knocked off balance. Comfortable with living in Richard’s shadow, she is now forced to navigate the unchartered territory of becoming a single mom while dealing with pressure to become the new face and voice of the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff brand. Looking deep inside herself, Kristine comes to understand the true essence of emotional authenticity and not sweating the small stuff, which leads to the resilience and confidence needed to carry on the legacy of the beloved brand.

October 17: ‘Fighting for Her Life’

On October 17, “Fighting for Her Life” premieres at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central.

Lifetime’s synopsis reads:

Inspired by a true story, Devina has always wanted to be a mother and after years of trying and many miscarriages, Devina and her husband, Rick, have all but given up–until Devina discovers she’s pregnant again with a healthy baby girl. Adding to her stress is Devina’s mother, Ani, who is against her being with Rick, let alone having his child. When Devina collapses midway through her pregnancy, she is taken to the hospital and discovers she has a life-threatening blood disorder. Now, with every day possibly being her last, Devina is determined to see the pregnancy to term and deliver her miracle baby. Will Devina’s baby girl survive and have a mommy waiting for her when she arrives? Starring Aisha Kumari, Adam Huss, Alice Amter.

October 23: ‘Switched Before Birth

On October 23, “Switched Before Birth” premieres at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Justina Machado, Bro Yokely, and Skyler Samuels and is directed by Elisabeth Rohm.

Lifetime’s synopsis reads:

[The movie] follows Olivia Crawford (Skyler Samuels) and her husband Brian (Bo Yokely), who after multiple miscarriages, numerous failed IVF trials and stretching themselves to the limit financially, finally receive the joyous news that she’s pregnant with twins.  While going through her latest round of IVF, Oliva meets and becomes fast friends with Anna Ramirez (Justina Machado), who is struggling to have a child after years of focusing on her successful restaurants.  When Anna becomes pregnant as well, the ladies celebrate and begin to prepare for their babies.  Olivia is also there for Anna when she suffers a devastating miscarriage and struggles to move forward while her marriage to restaurateur Gabe Ramirez (Yancey Arias) crumbles. When Olivia and Brian finally welcome their twins Olivia’s life feels complete, but the happy couple’s world is turned upside down when they discover that not only are the babies not twins, but one of the babies is also biologically Anna and Gabe’s that was implanted into Olivia by mistake.  Now pitted against each other, Olivia will do anything to keep the baby that she carried, while Anna will stop at nothing to bring her son home.

October 24: ‘The Fight That Never Ends’

On October 24, “The Fight That Never Ends” premieres at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie is inspired by Joanne Beck’s real-life story. Beck serves as one of the movie’s producers.

Lifetime’s synopsis reads:

Leon Watkins (Allen Payne) runs a community helpline in South Central LA, where anyone in need of help is welcome. One of his most frequent visitors is local gang leader, John Wesley Hunter (Robert Ri’chard), otherwise known as ‘Joker’ to the streets. After a day of hustling and almost losing his life in a shoot-out, Joker goes to the one place where he knows he can get help. All in a typical day’s work for Leon until an unlikely woman, Joanne (Christa B. Allen), shows up insisting on aiding him in his fight for his community. This unlikely team defies social constructs by working together to actively fight oppression and gain nation-wide recognition for a hidden reality of many. Along their way they experience the deep-seeded hatred that has plagued America, great love, and tragedy as they leave behind a legacy.

October 30: ‘Torn from Her Arms’

On October 30, “Torn from Her Arms” premieres at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Judy Reyes, Gloria Reuben, and Fatima Molina. It’s based on a true story originally written about by the OZY editorial team, Lifetime explains in its press release.

Lifetime’s synopsis reads:

Amidst the ongoing crisis at the U.S. border, the timely film depicts the harrowing true story of a mother and daughter who must find their way back to each other after being separated. Judy Reyes takes on the role of Thelma Garcia, a Texas Immigration lawyer who works tirelessly to reunite the pair, and Gloria Reuben portrays Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist ProPublica reporter, Ginger Thompson, who broke the story. The movie follows Cindy Madrid (Fátima Molina) and her six-year-old daughter, Ximena (Camila Nuñez), who fled violence in El Salvador for safety in the U.S., only to be separated at the border as a part of the Administration’s Zero Tolerance Policy. Detained in detention centers in different states, Cindy and Ximena endured inhumane living conditions and inadequate medical care, but that was nothing compared to the emotional toll of being apart. Their story would gain national attention when a whistleblower leaked a gut-wrenching audiotape of six-year-old Ximena crying for her mother. The onslaught of media attention incited by Ginger’s story alerted the nation to the cruelties being committed against undocumented immigrant families at the border.

November 6: ‘Highway to Heaven’

On November 6, the “Highway to Heaven” reboot movie premieres at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Jill Scott and Barry Watson.

Lifetime’s synopsis reads:

The first movie in the ‘Highway to Heaven’ event movie series is produced by Rain Productions and Propagate for Lifetime.  Jonathan Baruch and Rob Wolken executive produce for Rain Productions; Ben Silverman, Howard T. Owens, Gregory Lipstone and Rodney Ferrell executive produce from Propagate; Howard Braunstein is executive producer; Jill Scott and Shawn Gee also executive produce. Stacey K. Black directs from an original script by executive producer/writer Cathryn Humphris and award-winning playwright Angelica Chéri. Cindy Landon and Wayne Lepoff are executive producing on behalf of Michael Landon’s estate.

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