MAFS Season 15: Are Lindy & Miguel Still Together?

Miguel and Lindy

Lifetime "Married At First Sight" stars Lindy and Miguel were one of the first couples to consummate their marriage.

Married At First Sight” stars Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago were one of the first to consummate their marriage on Season 15. While physical chemistry isn’t a problem, the San Diego residents are having a hard time communicating during arguments.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. Please do not continue reading if you do not want the end of the season spoiled.

MAFS Fan, an Instagram account that has a pretty good record with predicting the outcomes of each season, leaked spoilers for the San Diego.

The anonymous fan said they spoke with a producer, who told MAFS Fan their Season 15 predictions were “one off.” When it comes to Lindy and Miguel, the spoiler page prediction they chose to stay together on Decision Day and they are still together today.

Lindy Doesn’t Want to Talk About Decision Day

One of the things Lindy and Miguel argued about was the way they pictured Decision Day.

While Miguel is conscious that they have to make a choice at the end of the eight-week experiment, Lindy said it’s not something she wants to talk about. She came into this experience to get married and she wants to stay married.

“From my point of view, we know that there is Decision Day and we have to see at the end of the day if we can be happy with each other and truly make this marriage work,” Miguel told his wife.

But Lindy said it triggered her.

“Decision Day is a trigger word for me. I hate it. I know we should talk about it. I can’t,” she said. “The timeline and stuff — it stresses me out. It puts pressure on me.”

Lindy was worried that if they kept talking about Decision Day, things could turn sour for them.

The couple also hit a rough spot when Miguel said he wanted Lindy to take her last name after she suggested he put her on his insurance. Lindy said she wasn’t sure about becoming “Santiago” before the experiment was over.

Who Else Will Stay Together?

Overall, MAFS Fan predicted three out of the five couples chose to stay together on Decision Day, with one couple — Morgan Bell and Binh Trinh — supposedly jumping ship before the eight weeks was up. The first time a couple didn’t make it to Decision Day was with Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette from Season 14 in Boston.

Alyssa, a dog rescuer, repeatedly said she was a “good person” but that she didn’t feel comfortable around Chris. Their wedding went fine, but when it was time to go back to the hotel room together, Alyssa said she didn’t like something Chris’ groomsmen told her about him and wanted to spend the night alone.

Alyssa wanted to continue with the process, but after their honeymoon, Chris ended things. She said she felt robbed of the experience because she wanted to connect with the other cast members.

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