Did ‘Married at First Sight’ Star Ryan Cheat on Brett?

Brett and Ryan

Lifetime "Married at First Sight" star Brett confronted her husband on the October 27, 2021, episode of the hit Lifetime show.

Married at First Sight” season 13 star Brett confronted her husband on the October 27, 2021, episode of the hit Lifetime show.

At this point in the series, there’s been practically no chemistry between the two Texas residents. So while viewers are wondering if some couples from season 13 are going to stay together on Decision Day, there’s a different question concerning Ryan and Brett: Did he cheat on his wife?

In a preview shared by Lifetime, which said the “Married at First Sight” was “caught red-handed,” Brett had a meeting with Ryan. “I got a text from a friend, like literally 10 minutes ago, that showed that you are on a dating app and matched with someone that I know,” she told him.

Ryan didn’t deny that he was on a dating app. “I did download it today,” he admitted. “It’s not active right now. I can show you it’s not active.”

“Well, you matched with someone today,” Brett told him.” We got like one week left. You couldn’t have waited?”

‘MAFS’ Fans Sided With Brett

Fans on Reddit largely agreed that Ryan was in the wrong. Some referenced Ryan being described as a “serial dater” earlier in the season.

“People like that get a high swiping left/right on people, believing they can always find someone “better”. I am certain this isn’t the first he’s been logged into something since they’ve met,” one of the most popular comments about Brett’s confrontation said.

Others noted that Ryan’s demeanor in this situation showed a lack of maturity. “I don’t think he HAS to like Brett. But the way he is handling this tells you all you need to know,” they said. “I seriously dated 25-year-olds with more emotional maturity and better communication skills. He sucks as a romantic partner.”

Many people praised Brett for how she handled the situation. “Imagine if he was paired with Michaela! Brett was very calm with him. Even if they are over it he could at least wait the week,” they wrote. “He’s just being thirsty.”

Ryan Is Rumored To Be Dating Someone Else

According to “Married at First Sight” spoiler account MAFSFan, Brett and Ryan are not currently together today. They likely decided to get divorced on Decision Day, especially since Ryan decided to download a dating app when they had one more week of the experiment left.

The spoiler account add that Ryan is currently dating someone else. One insider claimed he was courting a woman from a future season fo “Married at First Sight.” MAFSFan heard something different.

“I did hear he has a girlfriend but it’s not anyone from the next ‘MAFS’ season,” they said.

When Brett started the experiment, she revealed she hadn’t kissed a man in two years. “As a long-time fan of the series, Brett is willing to trust the process as a pragmatic hopeful romantic,” her bio on Lifetime reads.

Ryan, however, took a different approach to dating and was described as always having a “flavor of the week” by his own sisters.

In his bio, having children seemed to be what was most important to him. “Ready for the next chapter of his life, Ryan puts pressure on himself to find a wife because he wants to be a young, active father where he can coach his son’s baseball team or fight off his daughter’s potential suitors,” it says.

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